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Zorro the gay blade 🤣👌🏽 Great classic movie R.I.P Tommy from karate kid Will make they make another season? R.I.P Willy wonka Violet R.I.P Violet R.I.P mr tanner ( max wright) from ALF R.I.P mr tanner R.I.P Billy Drago R.I.P R.I.P to Dog the bounty hunter wife Die hard/sudden death .. definitely give this a go. Great action flick Definitely don’t waste your time So John cena will play Brian’s Brother? So they basically said screw Han we will team up with Shaw? 🤣 So ... umm.. is Logan part of this time line ? Or Great underrated movie 🎥 This is going to be epic Wow! Ok Sly must’ve needed extra money to finance his better films coming out Finally! This is going to be epic So he’s suppose to be Charles Bronson?