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How did it end? Woke equalizer 😂 Wtf was this ?! I’ll be surprised if the series last long She wants to sue Corona for making her a Mongolian Any good? Anyone seen it yet? Can someone spoil the series finale for me, I stopped watching after season 3 So BBC bought the land and only had Brits compete for it? 😂 Rambo survives at the end and stays protected on the Indian reservation Pc culture wouldn’t understand a great show this is Is her career over now? View all posts >


Me so rorry 😂🤣 Thanks rolo ! Wait whaaat?! But he died lol I think of ramen noodles Implants 😷 🤢 Don’t get your panties in a bunch 😂😂 Who says I’m arrogant you’re the one making assumptions 🤣😂 He didn’t see it coming View all replies >