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So how did the Arnold terminator show up in Central America but a second one didnt come back as a “savior” So umm.. will they just reboot the whole movie now 😂 Zorro the gay blade 🤣👌🏽 Great classic movie R.I.P Tommy from karate kid Will make they make another season? R.I.P Willy wonka Violet R.I.P Violet R.I.P mr tanner ( max wright) from ALF R.I.P mr tanner R.I.P Billy Drago View all posts >


Yeah It was, I think they wanted a chuckle Yeah he did I saw it in the theatre when I was a kid because Jerry Lewis was in it. Didn’t understand it when I was a kid back then, because I went in expecting classic Jerry Lewis. But now it’s pretty good and understandable Another great film 👌🏽 R.i.p 👍🏼 🧨 That was a good one ☝🏼 Exactly ☝🏼👍🏼 The best 👍🏼☝🏼 View all replies >