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Umm... yeah only good parts were with Fury and the Cat 🐈 Umm .. anti-Superman? Umm... yeah.. avoid this 🤣 Pretty good not jaw dropping but decent enough Umm ok two questions (spoilers) Pretty good martial arts 🥋 🎥 movie! One spoiler question though Madani... I mean really ?! Entertaining enough and worth watching Pretty insightful and funny Will they make another one ? Sequel? View all posts >


Thanks for the info 👍🏻 I’m thinking the bullet to the head made her more retarded and with retard strength It was a tad rushed Definitely agree☝🏼 Just watched it! Great recommendation 🍻 , thanks Let me know if you find any, Ive been looking but no luck . ☹️ 🍻 well said I hope so,, seeing his cameos always made me cringe but smile at the same time 🤣😂 👍🏼☝🏼 View all replies >