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I predicted nothing tonight. I thought the "Mad Max" junkyard woman and her crew could be trusted. Guess not. Really thought they were sticking to the comics with Dwight turning on Negan - NOT....the best parts were Sasha falling on Negan and the Tiger "photo bombing"into the scene. Not sure where this goes next. Negan's got the troops. Rick and crew need to get SMART now. Can't go up against Negan force on force....not gonna work. How about a couple of tractor trailers full of walkers, and some sort of diversion/trickery to get them into the Sanctuary, or, get Negan and his troops hemmed in somewhere.... My wife and I really enjoyed this show....sorry to see it end. I was personally wishing for some huge epic battle at the end between the Grimms and Wesens.....was hoping to see Trubel bring back an "army" of Grimms from her world tour..... Especially after his continual comments about Trump I want to punch De Niro in his smug face. So no thoughts on this? It is one of the great mysteries of movie history.... Those letters imdb have no meaning to a matter of fact i threw up in my mouth a little when I read them.... Oscars have been irrelevant since the disaster of 1977. Annie Hall over Star Wars. That's it....I'm done! Grimm....of season! Wow....there is a question I have never pondered...... Wow, Anzio! My Dad and I were just talking about Anzio the other day. Could have been much worse for the Americans, very close to disaster.....a lot of courageous soldiers there. Hey I think I will be enjoying the SW board here....are you a big fan? I try to explain the impact of the original in May 1977 to my 3 boys (they are 14, 13 and 9 and HUGE SW fans) - they don't understand just how huge that movie was...!!! View all replies >