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is this stinker on dvd? happy........ happy... happy... happy... Richard Basehart Clint Eastwood Wins $2M in Trademark Infringement Suit Over Fake CBD Endorsement happy...... happy.......... happy... View all posts >


the question is why. are you serious? they have a bachelor's degree. lol roddy piper. in a serious relationship with Keelai The Road 2009 Mysterious Skin 2005 Videodrome (1983) The Changeling (1980) 1. "Fade into You" by Mazzy Star in Starship Troopers(1997) 2. The Jay Z song in The Great Gatsby (2013). 3. "Singin' in the Rain" in Clockwork Orange (1971) 4. Tiptoe Through The Tulips - Insidious (2011) 5. "Free Bird" - The Devil's Rejects (2005) 6. We'll Meet Again --- Dr Strangelove (1964) 7. "Hero" by Chad Kroeger in Spider-Man (2002) 8. "Miss Misery" by Elliott Smith in Good Will Hunting (1997) 9. Sister Christian - Boogie Nights (1997) 10. "Workin' in a Coal Mine" by Devo - Heavy Metal (1981) 11. Sussudio - American Psycho (2000) and at the proper time. View all replies >