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Jackie's car The irony is contractor Kevin Costner makes more in real life than the rest of them combined! I watch this every Veteran's day Similar to TRON Tough Tommy! Roman or Jake? Stupid in a bad way Sort of boring now.. The 3rd best Vacation Brutal death.. View all posts >


Yes during chase scenes and some shooting scenes. Not overtly shaky.. Buddy would have been even tougher driving a '70 Chevelle rather than the tiny '67 Camero in the film. A mean Chevelle SuperSport would fit his bully role better. He could use wind energy as a force. Agreed, low-key but a great performance nevertheless.. "You killed my bruddah? Now you gonna wish you was dead!" Or "Now I have the power!" Eastwood was in so many good movies...hard to pick just one! I would say Cleopatra with her eyeline makeup. I thought it was an interesting but logical choice for a location. I also liked the idea of Kersey being a surgeon in a hospital who slowly gets sick of the violence he sees constantly pedaling through the E.R., reinforcing his dark thoughts against crime. Certainly the remake had potential with these two aspects but it seemed to miss the mark. In the end I preferred the original movie to the remake.. It was too predictable to the point of cliche' and D'Onofrio's Frank Kersey character was annoying throughout the entire movie. He's a bad actor imho. Bruce seemed too subdued to be a convincing vigilante killer and the two cops were somewhat blase. Bronson/Gardenia were more convincing in the original movie. 6 out of 10 overall on IMDB. View all replies >