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A tour of the Bewitched house Susan Kohner's two connections to Gidget Richie and Stretch Cunningham I think that the most uttered word in this is... The blurred Coke picture Shelby's wedding hair Picture of Renee Zellweger as Judy Interesting news. Myself, I can't see it. Cane's "Come here" Chelsea 2.0 View all posts >


She was fourteen, maybe even thirteen when it was filmed. Marilyn did not have any children. I have heard of salt on pineapple on Blue Hawaii and an episode of I Dream Of Jeannie. I was intrigued so I tried it. I like it! I do what you do. I can't stand to see the picture stretched out either. I wouldn't say that only younger viewers don't like the bars. My parents keep the entire screen filled with the picture. I've told them a million times that it's not supposed to look like that but they don't care. It drives me crazy! She sure did! I saw Judy tonight. RZ was excellent! Like you, I wasn't too sure of how she would be. I was pleasantly surprised. Her mannerisms were perfect. Physically, though, she was in much better shape than Judy and Judy looked much older than the 46 years that she was when this movie took place. I guess only so much could be done when it comes to that. We couldn't expect RZ to become as skinny as Judy was. Maybe you can shed some light on the Oz set? I was confused as to why it was the way it was. A tiny Yellow Brick Road, barn, cornfield, and poppies all on the same set. Was this how Judy was remembering it? Please excuse me if the answer is obvious. I don't know that I will watch it again, though. It was very good but I found it depressing. I did find myself smiling during the scene with the omelette. There is no doubt in my mind that RZ will receive an Oscar nomination for this performance. Thank you for your response. I will see it. That's good to hear. I have been struggling as to whether I want to see this or not. So it's truthful? I have heard that Judy's children were not supporting this movie. If so, do you know why? Thank you very much for your very informative reply, Gbennett! Unfortunately, I live very far away from L.A. About a forty-five minute drive from New York State in Ontario, Canada. One of these days I will get there but have no immediate plans to. I am familiar with Harpies Bizarre. If I plan a trip within the next three years, I will send them an email. Thanks again! NOOOOOO!!! This makes me very sad! It was a dream of mine to (somehow) visit and see the Bewitched and Jeannie houses and just stroll down the street. I wonder if the idea of giving tours ever crossed anybody's mind? View all replies >