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Terrible winner of ANTM.... She should have won!! Season 10 bachelorette Andi and Eric... Please help!! question!!!! My opinion of men entering a polygamous lifestyle.... I just watched this.... Why does it always feel sucky doing the right thing? they should have revealed the killer in the last episode... Ponies not featured in the cartoon series.... View all posts >


Straight hair. He was a hottie in season one: wow!!!! I completely agree with you. I don't think Tyra picked Melrose because I felt that Tyra saw her as a threat to her own fading modeling career.... No, but the runner up Melrose had an amazing modeling career after she lost ANTM. Melrose should have won the competition!! I think if he directed the film, the music would have been more creepy and eerie. Still though, I think it would have been interesting to see how he would have directed it; quite different from the current version. Thank you so much. I'm sorry that happen to you at your work. I'm glad that employee quit; I bet you were happy about that. :) That's an excellent point. Thank you! I mean there is lots of money out there and I am not sure where it comes from. The question also is where does all this money come from???? It obviously doesn't fall from trees.... I think he may be trying to get me fired. He has been super mean to me ever since the beginning. Not sure why though. I am a very sweet and kind of shy person.... That seems like a good solution. Thank you!! View all replies >