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If you found money, would you keep it? Lauren was just as bad as Spencer was.... I am not a fan of people.... Your favorite winner and least favorite winner... Makenzie Rooney... I'm enjoying this show.... Anyone else watch Laguna Beach? I kind of like Spencer now... Watching first episode on Hulu!!! Blue... View all posts >


Me too, trust me. I made so many mistakes when I was younger that today, those mistakes still haunt me. Good for you, that's awesome. :) When we are kids, we always do things that we later regret in life. I know when I was younger, I have done things in my life that I still feel guilty about but when we get older, we become wiser. We are not perfect; it’s okay to make mistakes once in a while; that’s how we learn from them. I think if you find money on the ground then it is okay to keep it for sure. I would have done the same thing. I’m glad I turned it in regardless. It was inside the shop so I’m sure whoever dropped it would have realized where they lost it and went back there. Hopefully the manager will find the person who lost their money. Yes, he was definitely a legend in his time for sure!! Starman by David Bowie. i'm sorry but, I really don't like that idea.... Oh cool, I want to read the book!! I think the doctor that did the autopsy listened to the tape because he described what was on the tape. I remember he said Amy looked out the tent and watched the bear and said to Timothy "Is he still out there"? Then he said the bear entered the tent and Amy was screaming and so was Timothy then the bear started attacking him. The bear left the tent and Amy was still screaming. The bear came back and started to attack Timothy again; that's all I remember him saying about it... View all replies >