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Songs you can't stop listening to.... Brody.... Jeannie's bedroom.... Your favorite book(s).... Question for everybody.... Favorite episodes.... I want an Aunt Hetty in my life... Need advice!!!! Playoff hockey... your favorite dessert... View all posts >


Yes, I totally agree with you. Drugs and the sun really age the skin..... I know that she got heavily into drugs and alcohol when she was on the rise and getting successful then I think once she got out of it, she got depressed and binged on food.... I think Spencer has aged and Heidi aged too because of her plastic surgery. Audrina looks like she got cheek implants and Jason has aged too. Oh wow, did you notice the bruises on her legs? I wonder if they came from her surgeries or from something else???? I did once; it was an orange. After I unpacked my groceries, I noticed there was a significant amount of mold on the orange. It creeped me out. I'm surprised I didn't see it when I was picking my oranges that day.... I know. That's okay. It was their first Stanley Cup win in their history so, I am happy for them. :) I only watched the first episode of season 3 so far and I loved that episode!!!! :) Thank you. :) I like the Monkees song Saturday's Child. I heard that song on a Monkees episode.... In general... View all replies >