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More like a million dollars. I'm sure people would pay top money for that audio tape.... Yum. Thanksgiving dinner is the best!! I'm almost thinking though that I probably shouldn't have had that smoothie; it's was pretty filling with blueberries, bananas, protein powder and almond milk. That may have spoiled my appetite.... That's true. I didn't eat that much before dinner and I was starving when dinner was served. I only had a smoothie that day and a few crackers; I was trying to be smart so i could enjoy my dinner. Unfortunately, it backfired on me and I got stuffed super fast. The military did not shoot down the plane. Air traffic controllers were not aware that United 93 was hijacked until minutes after the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. The plane headed right toward the Washington Capitol then it turned around and went the opposite direction. I went to the 9/11 memorial museum and they had the actual 9-1-1 call with one of the passengers on it saying that they were going to take over the plane and stop the terrorists. My favorite episodes are: Fit For a King Dessert in the Desert Wonderful World Oh gotcha. Sorry lol. Um, okay... Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! I understand what you are saying. When I text people and I don't hear back from them, I think it is really inconsiderate of them. People should respond to you; it's the right thing to do.... View all replies >