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Let’s pray! Fauci says he wants people to wear masks until 2022... Final election 2020 votes by the numbers.... The party scene.... Love her!!!! For all the Biden voters..... Pure evil... Has anyone been in a car accident? Died way too young... View all posts >


My problem is that I type too fast. I should spare myself the embarrassment of my typos and edited my posts instead of submitting them right away.... Yes, I agree with you. I don’t think we will get the money. He made a false promise to get people to vote for him. Fine laugh at me. I noticed my typo. Sometimes I type too fast and don’t notice my mistakes. Yes Biden could you please stop throwing that in our faces???? We having been hearing that nonsense for a year now.... Nope. I don't think that is the case. Biden can't formulate proper sentences together. I honestly 100% believe that this was a fraudulent election. For the record, I am an extremely fair person. I am a Republican but if I feel that the Democratic party is better, I will vote for him or her. I did not know what Biden was proposing at all so this is why I did not vote for him. Running the country is such a big deal and it should never be taken lightly.... Yes, gas prices are so high! I don’t know where you live but gas prices in California are almost $4 a gallon; yikes! I know it’s because Joe Biden cut the pipeline construction funding project; geez thanks Joe. 😒 Yes, I agree with you. I am actually very informed about politics. I always keep updated about it and yes I am a Republican however if I feel that the Democrat nominee is better, I will vote for him or her. I did not know what Biden was purposing because he hardly campaigned at all during the presidential race. Even after the debate, I still didn’t know what he was purposing. Mostly he was just bashing Trump the whole time and telling people to vote. Running the country is such a big deal. If no one knew what he was purposing then, how could you vote for him? Joe campaigned out of his basement. Lots of people didn’t even know he was running for President (including me) until the first Presidential debate. Nobody knew what he was purposing or wanted to do for our country. He was somewhat of a silent party in the whole situation and we are suppose to believe that this man got 80 million votes? It doesn’t seem likely or possible.... I love GWTW. One of the greatest movies of all time... View all replies >