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It was much better than I expected. I actually thought that it would be kind of boring but the story sucked me right in and Eastwood was great. Really good movie. Super excited for this. QT is a hit and miss for me but Leo is my favourite actor so this is a must watch in a theater for me. But those freedives are done under very controlled circumstances. These guys were under a huge amount of stress and running out of oxygen. Just imagine the panic when they'd open the hatch and they would have to wait for the sub to be filled with water before they could even start to swim to the surface. I'm no expert on this matter but I highly doubt they could have made it. I watched the fifth short "Sucker of Souls". First one I didnt really like. But that's mostly because of the rough and cartoonish animation. Sonnie's Edge was the first for me too and the episodes are in the same order as listed on imdb. I watched the first four shorts, great stuff! The animation is gorgeous. I'll check out the rest later. I watched it over the weekend and liked it a lot. It's not quite as funny anymore as the original seasons but it's still really good imo. There were some truly hilarious moments, mostly from Toby and Gob, who are my favourite characters. If this is the end of the show I'll sure miss it, but it will remain as one of my favourite shows ever. There is no way that they could have survived that. They were over 100 meters deep. The one guy who tried to open the hatch was just going crazy. I think I've seen all of his stand up specials and thought they were all very funny. I think he is much funnier in reality than what it seems on the show. He's not my favourite stand up comedian but I do like him a lot. Ad Astra is the one i'm most looking forward to. Also Pet Sematary and It part 2. View all replies >