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Wow I never realized he's Richard Harris' son. Somehow that makes me like him even more. Both awesome actors. "Look, I'm not a pedophile, I'm a cool guy" Loved his part in this. It's pretty mediocre but worth a watch. I'm surprised they made a sequel. I haven't seen it, looks good, Thanks! I'm a non-Brit too and this is one of my favourite comedies, I'm just now watching it again. "Jason Statham, Jason Bourne, Jason Argonaut" Alan Partridge is hilarious! A really good edge of your seat thriller. Preferably no older than 1980. Papillon Yeah he was fantastic. Made a really convincing DEA agent. Always been one of my favourites. It's been years since I've last seen it. Seeing it trending makes me want to watch it again. I gotta go find the dvd. Wow! Doesn't look like the same person at all. I looked at the young photo and I had no idea who he is. Then I looked at the old photo of him and immediately recognized him from Gladiator. View all replies >