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Arnie looks good! But look at his baby had, lol. "I am kind of obsessed with this movie" I know what you mean! I just love it. Douglas and Damon are great in it. And Rob Lowe is hilarious as the cosmetic surgeon. Actually the whole movie is hilarious and yes, simply fabulous! I really don't know what it is about this movie but I feel like I can watch it whenever and it puts me in a good mood. I thought Kate Bosworth looked really good, I haven't seen her in anything in years. But yeah it's a pretty bad show, I did watch the whole thing just to see how it ends. There's only 7 episodes and all are about 40 minutes long but they could have told the story in a much shorter time because it really drags. I wouldn't bother with this. Arthur is the best. No way. He was the best part of this movie, great performance as usual. Wonder Boys Fargo Three Billboards All three are excellent! She's been in a lot of great movies. That's a fair point but what can I say, I just don't like the way they look, they look very childish to me. I guess winged fairies look a little childish too, but I'm not a big fantasy fan anyway.. I think it's great. I actually think it's slightly better than the first movie, which was pretty great too. I hope there is a third one and Benicio del Toro comes back. Sicario 2 Dawn of the dead Exit Through The Gift Shop American Movie Those are two of my favourites View all replies >