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"As soon as he opens his mouth, I'm laughing." Same for me! I was watching IT Crowd today and there's an episode where he pretends to be a lawyer and he says to the witness "sing you canary!" It was just a small throwaway line, but the way he said had me cracking up so much that I had to rewind the scene a few times. Yeah, I first saw him in IT Crowd years ago and became kinda obsessed with him, I just tried to see everything he had done. Lol. I love that show! He is great in it. I have to seek out that one too! Yeah his voice is instantly recognizable. I've never seen Snuff Box but I'd really love to. I've seen a few episodes of Toast of London and it was funny. Garth Marenghi's Dark Place was awesome. It's really hard to find some of his shows. But he definetely is one of the funniest comedians and massively underrated. Or maybe he just appeals to niche audience. Can't tell much but it looks FUN! I haven't seen the Heath Ledger version but this was really boring. I stopped watching after about 40 minutes. Unhand me priest! Where is your god?! Where is your god now?! Good to hear that you still liked it. I haven't watched it again yet but I will eventually. There's just so much stuff to watch that I don't rewatch movies as often as I used to. Even if I loved them. But I'd put this in my top movies from the past few years. View all replies >