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I find it hard to believe directors or studios base casting choices on tabloid fodder. Those folks are privy to stuff we never hear about. If Heigl's career was damaged by her reputation, it wasn't because of rumor, it would have come from inside sources. Directors might say Heigl was a sweetheart to the public, but that actually means little. On the other side, Heigl is very beautiful (not like her peak though) and is an OK actress. There isn't a role she's done that would make me say that she was the perfect choice and the film would have been diminished with another actor in that same role. But unless an actor is supremely perfect for a role, the actor won't be cast if they come with baggage. [quote]Also notice when Charlie buys the Wonka Bar, the candy doesn't grab one from the rack right in front of him. Instead he reaches for the only one on the shelf behind him.[/quote] Still a stretch. First, Charlie finds the money in the sewer. A long shot he would spot it. But even if Willie set up someone to give Charlie a tip for the newspaper delivery, why would anyone assume that Charlie would buy a candy bar? But it's worse: Charlie *does* buy a Wonka bar but the clerk doesn't give Charlie the golden ticket bar, he gives him a candy bar that Charlie immediately starts hammering in the shop, then turns to leave. But Charlie returns and buys one more for Uncle Stinky Bed Joe, which is the winning bar. So even if Charlie *did* buy the candy bar as Wonka had predicted, why would they risk giving him a standard non-winning bar? They took a big gamble that he would not only buy one bar (in that particular shop), but buy two. Too much a stretch. A half-assed apology is stupid. Either double down or make a real apology. It's clear she doesn't believe she's a bitch, only that she's just perceived as one. It's for that she "apologized". Good post. "they's like angels up there, angels in heaven".. ~ John Coffey [quote]if we saw it , everyone would reject it. [/quote] Or get the picture they wanted. My grandmother had a black Jesus hanging in the hallway off the kitchen. LOL.. Otter above stole my thunder: Quinto Spock is full of anger but not much else. I don't see any deep contemplative thoughts going on in his head. But yes, Nimoy was ridiculously well suited for Spock. His sharp angular features almost look a bit alien. Whereas a lot of Vulcans are portrayed by actors who only look like humans with ridiculous ears, Nimoy's prosthetic ears fit his facial features perfectly. Besides looks, Nimoy was also ridiculously good as Spock. Kirk was the hero but everyone *loved* Spock. I often say on this site that casting of some parts are genius and other roles could be played by any reliable actor, but Star Trek would not be the juggernaut that achieved world wide iconic status had Nimoy not been cast in that role. I saw A Night to Remember twice over a 20 year span. Twenty years between viewings is plenty. Same sappy human interest side story as Titanic but without the superb special effects and technical accuracy. Titanic is far more rewatchable, which is why it was in the theaters for so long. A ridiculous amount of people went back several times. That's very rare. [quote]..a rancid rat's squirming ass hole..[/quote] LOL. Poetry.. Although I would have tried to work the word "festering" into that somewhere... It'll bomb. Unless.. The only way there's a chance (and a minuscule one at that) is if they introduce a young replacement with Indy as his mentor. As a second banana like Sean Connery was, there's a chance. But the thought of an 80 year old dude doing much more than sipping tea is painful to think about. It will also need an awesome script - one without aliens thank you. Sometimes, you can't go home. [quote]S1 ep26 The neutral zone.....Once again the BBc censors anothe pro Capitalist messeage. [/quote] Specifics? Houston was not known or lauded for being a musician. Her fame was her singing. Duh.. That's like saying Babe Ruth wasn't great because he could only hit and field but wasn't a coach or manager. I was never a big fan of Ella because of her singing style (scat), but I recently heard some recordings where she sang more traditional, and her voice was stunning. Of the three first mentioned, I have to go with Celine for that particular group. Whitney and Mariah had a very short run where their voices were good (particularly Mariah). I think they both sang at 110 percent and could hold their vocal control because of their young age. I'm not a fan of most of Celine's recordings but she sounds like she did 30 years ago so it's her for the win. Two of my favorites female voices are Jo Stafford and Marilyn McCoo. I love Karen Carpenter but won't mention her because she's a contralto and a totally different type of singer. [quote]Richie was a terrible boyfriend[/quote] Well, it's probably because he didn't like kissing girls.. He kissed girls with his eyes clenched tight like he was having his spleen removed without anesthesia. Yes, there's bare-nekkid shoulders, full frontal faces/necks, enough knee shots for the most perverted leg man, and out and out exposition of calves and ankles... I wonder if he wasn't more popular in England. In any case, always did a professional job in anything he was in. I remember he played a surgeon in a Bonanza episode. Very classy. We don't talk about the unfortunate remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I understand the benevolent aliens, the aggressive/destructive/evil aliens, but asshole aliens (although never done before IIRC) just doesn't work - at least it didn't in the remake. Thinking fourth dimensionally, if a time machine were able to be invented in the future, then wouldn't any point in the past have been visited by future humans including our own time? Brooks was also a great guy right up until he cracked when told of his release. All the guys in Red's clique seemed like the kind of guys you'd want to hang around with. Is that unrealistic? Maybe; my buddy is honestly the only ex-con I know. Maybe someone here who had done some time in a maximum security lockup can comment. I'm certain. If someone had a time machine, they would have gone back and told Ford to galvanize the 1965 Mustang's unibody... [quote] I always wondered by the girls didn't be knocked up...[/quote] The professor was also knowledgeable about things like the eventual synchronized timing of the menses and had several homeopathic remedies devised from the island flora and fauna for contraception at the ready. A Renaissance man if you will.