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That's a bit less than the Abrams tank costs. Doesn't seem out of line to me. Instead of posting links to videos that no one will click on, why don't you (accurately) paraphrase the alleged quote and link at the end? Heheh.. "douche nozzle". The role of Jennifer was so small that even if Wells did have a drug problem (no, I don't believe even a whiff of that), they could have easily accommodated her. But Ukraine won't be sacrificed (I don't watch videos). Ukraine is fighting the Russian infestation and is willingly fighting them tooth and nail for their independence. That it just so happens to be depleting the Russian Nazi forces of men and materiel with NATO help is just a fortuitous happenstance. [quote] If Baldwin had done that, nobody would have got shot.[/quote] Would you bet your life on it? Be honest. An assistant director checked it and the professional armorer (whose *only* job was to certify it safe) checked it and *they* got it wrong. Our last line of defense is going to be an untrained actor? Maybe they should have 10 people check it. By that time, it would have been statistically unlikely that a loaded weapon would escape their notice. On the other hand, two people checking it including a professional armorer would make it statistically unlikely a loaded weapon would make it to the actor's hand, yet here we are. According to what I read from other armorers (those not on the Rust set), an actor cannot open a certified weapon to check it without it needing to be then recertified by the armorer. If he hands it back to the actor and the actor opens it again, well... If I was a paid armorer, [b]no one[/b] including the actor would open a gun after I certified it safe lest some nut sneak in a live round. If my ass is on the hook liability wise, no one including the actor is touching the weapon after me or I walk. How about this scenario: Baldwin is handed the gun that is declared safe, and witnesses see him open the weapon to check. Now the gun goes off. Uh-oh Andy. Did Baldwin sneak in a live round (conspiracy theorists love this one) or perhaps he didn't notice a single live round in the cylinder or didn't know the difference between a blank and a live round. Imagine the legal trouble *that* would bring. It's impossible to eliminate *completely* the possibility of a gun accident on a movie set. The simple and obvious solution is to not have any weapons whatsoever on set. Use foam rubber guns and have CGI fill in the details. Sure being unmarried makes her a loser. Why? This 12 second video demonstrates it better than I can explain it: Decent but not out of the ordinary spectacular. An what's with the ass implants?? [quote]I didn't read it. Rather now just see a remake with a white angry woman as the truck driver harassing a hard working black motorist[/quote] You got it half right. The driver in Duel wasn't a man at all, but a butch lesbian who hated lipstick red cars because she wasn't a lipstick lesbian. They had a backstory written, but the movie was over budget on time. Too bright? I hate darkly lit shows. I never watched Deep Space 9 because the damned ship is so dark and depressing. They can't afford light bulbs in the 24rd century?? I never had a problem with her, and indeed I think it was a good idea to make her character a bit more acerbic compared to the more docile Crusher (most of the time!). I just saw Muldaur in the Medusan episode of Trek the other night. Great actress. You know, *that* is the funniest thing you've said on MC. Being a Herbert is bad enough, but adding "hard lip" really makes it insulting. Spock's Brain should never have left the story board. What's really cringeworthy to me is that McCoy was able to install a device to activate Spock's muscles and apparently his autonomic system (fair enough), but strangely had a mechanical ratcheting sound.. I think most of those points break through the surface when viewed several times - scrutiny scripts at that time never had to endure before Star Trek. Spock's reaction when Beale explains that he is black/white on the opposite side of Loci is a hoot. Part of it was incredulity of the silliness of their racism and the other part was Spock missing the detail that they were colored opposite of each other! As a young black guy in the 70s, I loved that episode. [quote]An interesting experiment for the 1960's in having a man thrown into the role of playing a woman. I don't recall Bewitched doing that.[/quote] Hmm.. Bewitched had a whole bunch of transpositions but I don't recall a male/female swap... Regarding Turnabout Intruder - I thought the Shat's take on Janice Lester was actually award-worthy. While interacting with the Enterprise crew, he played the character of "Kirk" straight, but after Lester/Kirk almost transferred back to her own body in the brig, she (in Kirk's body) rushed to Dr. Coleman and was ever so slightly effeminate. Pretty good acting if you ask me. Good luck even proving she was in the same state as Tyson, much less proving a rape 30 years ago. Oh good, another "doesn't make sense" mindless humorless rant from avortac4. My day is made. Let's put it this way - you'd have to be a dick to drink underwear soup.