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The good thing about Abrams directing episode 9 What trailers were before your showing Petition to have JJ Abrams direct Tron 3 Petition to have him direct Tron 3 Help me write a Batman/Hamilton musical Good name for a female supervillain whose power is electricity? My spoiler-free review View all posts >


Tell me more, mistress! No, but I get turned on by femdom porn and the thought of it Not at all. He is a great writer. That's why Lost, Alias, etc. lasted so long. Super 8 was a great throwback to 80s films. How would Tron 3 be a PC/SJW disaster? I hope the Hutts thing is true. Daisy Ridley in a slave bikini. RAWR They got wiped from continuity. As in they never happened. There is a little bit. Anne Hathaway flirts with this one guy, and then ties him to a bed so she can steal something from him, then she leaves. It's to tease him but no sex is shown If it were a reboot, they wouldn't acknowlege the 2001 film at all. They do. Therefore, not a reboot Are you saying a woman's place is in the kitchen? You sexist! How and where does that say "alternate timeline?" The codes are the inserts that come with the dvd or bluray View all replies >