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why? flop! wonder finally! cheetah! cipher? just saw this! why no dvd or bluray? drax! fun! View all posts >


This sucks i remember in 2018 when he did the goldbergs episode he was interviewed and he said he still had one more freddy movie in him and now he says hes too old! he's the only guy that can play freddy kruegger! he was also in easy money! hellooo! like rachel mccadams! lol!in the heights looks like its going to be good tho! que? Right?i want to see the penis going in lmao!dam miramax! they looked delicious! They were out in all their glory last night also! I would have liked to see Juliette lewis instead dammit lol! would had been cool to see woody and juliette as physchos again! i know lol! View all replies >