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cipher? just saw this! why no dvd or bluray? drax! fun! Beautiful! what is up? Celia! overlooked! new! View all posts >


thanks for the trailer link! my post was months ago before and i guess it was a mistake on imdb site! Im 2 years late but I love purple rain the movie and the soundtrack also! i remember the first time i watched purple rain as a kid was on vhs with my upstairs neighbor she was a teen and me and her little sister were friends so we watched it together and when the love scene with the kid came on my neighbor fast forwarded of course but thats my first memory of this classic! im glad i grew up in the 80s! my brother has never seen it and we are gonna watch it friday together!was watching the extras on the 2 disc dvd i bought!classic!R.I.P. PRINCE!one of the many that left us too soon Yea but it was a white couple tho lol! Thanks MeYouFools! Thanks for the reply! i love rocky v! sucks its the most hated one but its a classic to me! Uh they made that movie already!lakeview terrace with samuel l jackson! only the guy was white tho not his wife!still a good movie regardless! Especially christina hendricks! the hate is real huh?samuel l jackson is a natural treasure! so stop hating on his success or just dont watch his movies! Its in theatres now yay! You're white you dont fight! View all replies >