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just saw this! why no dvd or bluray? drax! fun! Beautiful! what is up? Celia! overlooked! new! KAKA! View all posts >


Uh they made that movie already!lakeview terrace with samuel l jackson! only the guy was white tho not his wife!still a good movie regardless! Especially christina hendricks! the hate is real huh?samuel l jackson is a natural treasure! so stop hating on his success or just dont watch his movies! Its in theatres now yay! You're white you dont fight! ok have you seen addams family values?she was hot as f-- in that movie! I remember i was at after school and they played it and i fell in love with it first viewing! I Thought danny zuko was the coolest guy i ever seen especially after the grease lightning scene!been a fan of travolta and grease ever since! I saw freddy vs jason in theatres here in nyc also! i was upset because the thursday before there was a blackout here in nyc and thought I wasnt going to be able to go that friday!but everything was back to normal that friday!went with my mom and brother! had fun! I got to see freddys dead and new nightmare in theatres and this was the first jason movie i got to see in theatres! was cheering for freddy the whole movie tho! i love freddy! i didnt see it in theatres in 1992 but i did get to see it in 2017 when it got rereleased in 3d! awesome experience! This will be the greatest film of all time..... yes noooooot! View all replies >