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There were a lot of excellent episodes in season 3, but my top three favorites in order of preference are: 1. Convicts at Large 2. Man in a Hurry 3. The Big House I agree, she was definitely not the nicest character on the show. Always complaining about being alone, but no one ever seemed to be good enough for her. The way she treated the man that owned the deli who had a crush on her really turned me off to her character. On the plus side, I hear that Rose Marie was quite a nice lady. I watched this episode last night and it was very entertaining. I'm not a big fan of Aunt Bee's, but Francis Bavier knows quite well how to play someone who is tipsy. If I had a wife that looked like Carol Post, I'd be spending much more time in the house than in the barn - talking horse or not. :) Class Reunion was extremely depressing. At least the situation was rectified in the return to Mayberry movie. Cousin Virgil is my least liked episode - Michael J. Pollards character was creepy. Some of the color episodes are quite enjoyable. My favorites by season are - 6 Warning from Warren, 7 Dinner at Eight, 8 The Wedding. Overall, 'Dinner at Eight' is my all time favorite of the color episodes. Yes, the episodes weren't bad... I enjoyed the ones that I've seen, but I don't recall any other show doing this with established characters. Kind of surprising to see that Andy married Catwoman. :) Agreed! At times, Helen may not have been the most reasonable character, but in this case I think she was right and Andy was the one who was out of line. You've just listed a 'murderers row' of pain in the butts, and while Helen is not in the same league, she also could be quite unreasonable and abrasive at times (Dinner at Eight is a good example). I do agree that Clara Edwards was a 'real' stinker though... jealous, petty, manipulative, etc. Well, he did have Helen.... which may actually have been a reason 'for' Andy to get a bit teary. She was, after all, kind of a pain in the ass. View all replies >