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I agree. I forced myself to sit through the first season of Discovery, but I gave up. Same for the first few episodes of Picard. The problem is Abrams Trek, which is just as shitty in all regards: Abrams doesn't understand Star Trek, but he loves Star Wars, and so he brought that into the world of Trek, and in doing so, changed the Trek landscape forever for the worse. And some newer generations or previously-casual or previously-ignorant of the franchise think this is how Trek SHOULD be, and disregard all that came before. Thanks for nothing, Abrams, and no thanks to you for continuing the complete shitshow shitstorm, Kurtzman! Massive spelling failure there. I'm not reading that rubbish. Trump LOST the election, get over it. Wasn't he on friendly terms with America's enemies, namely Russia, Iran and China? Bad news for the world if you ask me, and you have. I didn't even realise that it WAS Boba Fett at first, he looks completely different, and thus unrecognisable. "Dare to state an opinion that they don't agree with and they demand you be fired, blacklisted and [b]burned at the stake[/b]." They haven't gone THAT far yet, but give it time. I was more amused with seeing how many of her spawn baby Yoda would eat before she noticed, to be honest. And what exactly is STOPPING you from getting D+? It's not exactly rocket science, you know! Sarcasm doesn't translate very well to written text. I think that's standard practice on IMDb, if a TV show has had no new episodes for so many years, even if it's a continuation when it comes back, they make a new entry as you've highlighted. The same thing happened with Doctor Who. As for the original topic, I see your point, there should be massive language barriers everywhere with such a mix of nationalities and cultures, but then this is a work of fiction, and I think other stories have also benefited from ignoring this inconvenient fact. View all replies >