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I always burst out laughing when Bill Gates is shot BBC News called her GREAT today! I met him at a convention in the UK in 2012 WHY this obsession with TRILOGIES? The Female Agenda is why Disney Star Wars SUCKS Saw this in my local UK cinema TODAY! Richard E. Grant PRAISES Rise of Skywalker! ROS will be Game of Thrones Season 8 ALL OVER AGAIN! ROS leaks all over the Skywalker Saga Worse than Last Jedi! View all posts >


Then how do you explain the "Clone Wars" being mentioned in the very first Star Wars movie back in 1977? What else could Lucas have meant by that? This moment is Eddie's "eureka" moment, when he finally discovers how Pennywise can be destroyed, and maybe the musical burst is something to do with that? Like a kind of victory, which no amount of vomiting puke will diminish? But I don't get the connection with the actual music used. It's a good horror film, as long as you don't think too much about the logic of the plot. The people in red are really scary. It certainly does not. Who could possibly love this trash? And of course Boyega hates it, he was the comic relief in it. It was a bit underwhelming after the epicness that was the movie, but Bolvangar was far more creepier here! You CAN'T be serious(!!) I didn't think of you as a TROLL, JBran! If you keep this up I'll have to report you for starting a trolling flame war. For the original books, LOTR was three parts (in books) anyway, so a trilogy is the natural fit. The Hobbit, however, wasn't, as it was one relatively small book by comparison. The filler for that horrible Hobbit trilogy was from the appendices at the end of the third LOTR book, except for Super Legolas, which was a movie invention (Legolas was not in the Hobbit). Oh, for crying out loud, give it up, or I'll personally Ignore you. View all replies >