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WTF is that ridiculous thing on Jaden's head? Would you really want this guy as POTUS? The dreck outweighs the good stuff Why did he do something so STUPID? Not a bad movie... Good movie The plan to ERASE the Sequel Trilogy Who let Rodney McKay into this movie??? Going straight to this after FIVE Roddy McDowall movies I can only APOLOGISE for my countryman... View all posts >


Why not? Most child stars are older than the characters they play, and for big movie franchises, it can't be helped. I mean, look at Harry Potter: they started off about the right ages for their characters, but by the last movie, they were at least 3-4 years older than they should've been! It's a great movie. Your aunt has taste. As a former DVD lover, I got the reference, but it was quite cheesy how quick the disc loaded in the player and started. NEITHER Yes, they have, shill. Perhaps if you didn't show us a statistic we had to PAY to view? When the UK was first made aware of the Simpsons as a show, around 1990, it was the pop video Do The Bartman, showcasing exactly what Bart was all about, Ay Carambas and all. So people assumed he was the main one. Why try not to be rude? Rudeness is all that these ST morons understand! Quasimodo is being a TROLL. Fuck off, Quasi. View all replies >