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Is this movie conected with the 2001 animated movie Spirited Away? Poster looks like that of a horror movie Not canon Never liked this franchise This is NOT Star Trek, but Star Wars The Old Man was quite smart (ohnotanotherone) Does the island have the death penalty? Didn't you Wesley haters love it when he was hunted down like a dangerous criminal? Reviews make it sound dull View all posts >


(moanmoanbloodymoan) I'd like to know what you consider to be intelligent action movies, Ocelot. Just curious. The popular opinion is that this movie is shit, and people like you and Kowalski are swallowing it whole. You'll appreciate any shit they'll shovel into your mouth, won't you? I'd rather take T3 over this shitty movie, and that was bad as well. They killed off John Connor. You're OK with that, are you? Obviously, PJL69 knows what shit is without having to taste it, unlike you. Oh, I've had enough of this noise, I'm going to ignore it, now. There it is again, an annoying sound. Did anyone hear something? I sure as hell DIDN'T. Google and the BBC News told me, you dumb shit. View all replies >