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I could've done without the obese naked wrestling fight I wonder why the baddies tied up our heroes? I'd rather see IT (2017) again and again So he's literally held in his hands... I liked her in Wreck-It Ralph and Star Trek Do people REALLY hate The Final Battle vs The Miniseries? Rey is too POSH to be a scavenger Rey is too POSH to be a scavenger There's only SEVEN Cities of Gold, built by Mu/Hiva As a franchise, Terminator is SEVERELY limited View all posts >


Now that's the thing, I thought Vasquez was insulting Hudson for what he said. If I were him, I would think that and get upset. But then these marines are made of sterner stuff. Doctor Who was more or less fucked up when Moffat came into the picture. One OK season, and then it just turned weird. Hated Clara, hated Bill, hated Missy... I mean, honestly! Braindead. Oh, shut up. Again, no sense of humour. What a loser. So? Get rid of your husband, Pamela! It sounds like he has no sense of humour. I've got both, and whilst a few scenes are almost identical, they've both got enough differences to make them both worth it, for any mood you might be in. "I don't think a single one of these shows has been as popular or critically acclaimed as next generation was." I should point out that after two ghastly seasons with awful episodes and Wesley Crusher, TNG was THAT close to being cancelled. Even when it became better in S3 and S4, there was still the Wesley problem, and then there was Alexander Rozhenko and other kids in cheesy episodes. "It was a big deal when it premiered, and it was a big deal when it ended." Really? Many TOS fans seemed to be against it. "Deep space nine was kind of a big deal when it premiered, but I don't remember there being any hoopla about it ending." There has been plenty of hoopla since, and as I said, it is now regarded as the BEST Star Trek show. "It became less and less important every time a new show started." A non-Trek show? Must be, there were no other Trek shows running except Voyager, as I remember. But then, that's no excuse to stop watching the show. "In fact, Enterprise got itself canceled and the only people who cared about that were fans of that particular show, not necessarily all Star Trek fans." I love TNG, DS9 and Voyager, but only the SECOND half of Enterprise when it got good. Yes, the first half had plenty of issues. "And yes, every time there's a new Star Trek, there's more than a few people who hear the news and say "not again..."" I can understand, because there was so much of it in the 1990s, but I do agree with these people now, because I've hated all the new Trek that has come out since the 2009 movie. The Abrams movies and Discovery... UGH! "I do feel Discovery is unnecessary. I don't have any information about their streaming numbers, but just seeing that they've added Captain Pike and Spock to the show makes me think they're getting a little desperate. Same goes for Picard getting his own show." I HATED the first season of Discovery, so I didn't bother with the second. I actually switched to The Orville, "proper" Star Trek. "Not necessarily. I know it has its fans so I don't want to offend them." Unfortunately, you've already offended me by dismissing DS9, generally regarded as THE best Star Trek show EVER. "I saw the first couple years of DS9 when it was on the air but I eventually tired of it and stopped watching after the second season." You stopped watching when it started to get good. "Star Trek was fun when it was the original series and the Next Generation but DS9 really started to go off the deep end with drawn-out storylines and world building." Are you saying large plot arcs over multiple episodes and seasons are a BAD thing? That's quite short-sighted, seeing as how all modern shows are like that now. "It seemed like they wanted to introduce new alien races every season that would be some new threat even more powerful than the Borg." No, there was only one major threat, that being the Dominion. I consider them the ultimate enemy to the Federation, and FAR more interesting than the boring Borg. In fact, they were the major antagonists until the end of the series. "I think the producers were also trying too hard to put their own stamp on Star Trek." What's wrong with that? "It would have been interesting if the different shows had actually been run by different groups of people. Everything from Next Generation to Enterprise was run by the same general team." No, not really. TNG and VOY had the same people behind it, but DS9 was a better team. "I like Star Trek when you can just watch an episode or a movie and call it good. I don't mind two-part episodes or the occasional event that has repercussions in the future, but I don't want every episode to be just another installment of an interplanetary soap opera." DS9 is NOT a soap opera, even if relationships during the long plot arcs may make it feel that way. Oh, I forgot about the Starchild. I find it difficult to see how a human/Visitor hybrid could possibly defuse the bomb with glitter and sparkles - it's really when the show jumped the shark for me, but luckily, it was almost over, anyway. View all replies >