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Was that the International Space Station? In 1987?? Why Game of Thrones fell apart at the end... Apparently, the last two seasons were rushed... I lost interest in the original version Did these feminists somehow MISS the DOZENS of past movies about lead FEMALE characters? It's stupid to remake Season 8 I'm glad Tyrion made it to the very end Who was that gangly youth at the meeting? WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? View all posts >


If the contest was between Ramsay Bolton and anyone else, Ramsay would simply shoot his opponent directly, thus winning the contest. When Harrison Ford dies, let Indiana Jones die with him. No-one else, NO-ONE else can play that character, nor should they dare to. Look at Solo the movie, someone else plays the other character made iconic by Harrison Ford, and the movie flops, BADLY. There's your lesson, right there. Who is John Snow? No. All the Michael Bay Transformers movies are SHIT. Bumblebee was the first DECENT Transformers movie. Yes, I see that now. It looks like James Cameron returns as producer, but it still looks incredibly sucky. Is that really what happened? That sucks! I've seen prettier. And she's like a Jedi version of Hermione Granger. Did you know the Ramsay actor is Welsh? Basically, Ramsay is GoT's answer to Hannibal Lecter, and Anthony Hopkins is also famously Welsh. Like I am. :) View all replies >