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I figured it was the Mel Gibson movie, but from the other side Apologies for the spoiler Finally saw it today and... RottenTomatoes Audience % Score was in the 30s yesterday... I don't get how these flashbacks are going to work I suspect that Captain Marvel will kill Thanos... I think I'll watch Cold Pursuit instead of this tomorrow If the United States HANGED pedophiles... Jessica Chastain on the bloodiest scene View all posts >


The only thing that stood out to me about Eraser was the use of the Railgun, a weapon that appeared in Quake 2 and was quite memorable for wiping out enemies standing in a line. But I preferred the portrayal of this weapon in that game rather than the Arnie movie. I never liked TFA from the start. Episodes I-VI felt like movies. Episode VII felt like a product, a Greatest Hits compilation, a repeat of IV. Nothing more. I wasn't asking about that Piece of Shit known as Force Awakens. And you've just lost 100% credibility just by saying that. Surely Rogue One is rewatchable? I'm confused as to the whole Avengers leader thing: I thought it was Tony Stark until now, but in that case, what role did Nick Fury play? In that case, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed what you saw of those TV series. As it is, Nemesis is a poor, poor introduction to the 90s era of Star Trek. He was owning up to his mistakes, but the heartbreaking part is that it wasn't even his own fault that he got addicted to drugs in the first place: his doctor prescribed medication to him as a child that turned out to be addicted, and he kept upping the dose. His mother condemned the now-aged doctor appropriately. I have to agree. Given the choice between Close Encounters and E.T. as a favourite movie of Spielberg's, I have to pick Close Encounters as it has a unique atmosphere to it, and it engages me and fires my imagination to this day. And even Barry is a UFO abductee and his mother is simply trying to get him back. E.T. by comparison is simply a kid's movie and I don't like the way it has reduced me to tears many times (Drew Barrymore reacting to E.T. being defibrillated always gets me), not to mention the schmaltzy sentimentality of the ending. I agree about Star Wars IV, and saw the grandeur of Raiders of the Lost Ark myself at a young age, and even though several points terrified me, I would still recommend it to children. I also agree about The Terminator and Star Trek II, but I don't really know or like the others. Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead would agree with you there! ;) I found this in a few seconds: [url][/url] For someone raised on the original, the CGI cliff is extremely jarring and unnecessary. View all replies >