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Goodbye, MCU! The truck driver wasn't a deranged would-be killer The animation was hard to follow I never regard this as Bond Was Abigail trying to crush a rabbit to death? Strange ending Thank you for correcting a misconception, movie! Is Kingpin a hunchback, or something? The first PROPER Transformers movie! View all posts >


OK, so maybe he WAS mentally stressed and snapped when Mann overtook him, like he wanted to be "in front" at a sedate speed, so to speak, but he obviously didn't take his road rage out on others apart from Mann. Or did he? Who on earth would prosecute her for the justified murder of such a repulsive man such as DJ Dan?? That answer doesn't help, I've seen big bulky box TVs with flatscreens. I am reminded of visiting my ailing grandmother with Dementia in her 90s in a care home only a few years ago, and how the place was constantly playing music from around the 1930s or 1940s, when these old people would've been children or teenagers, and was wondering if, in the future, when the Generation X'ers like me are in their 80s and 90s, will 80s pop songs be blaring out of the radio (or whatever) of care homes then? Why? I don't remember anything from this movie, aside from the introductions at the casino and Dr. No apparently succumbing to something, even though he is in a radiation suit. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen this movie. And I never will. Fred, the line in Holy Grail is actually "he must be [b]a[/b] king", which makes it all the more funnier. It's like in medieval times, kings were ten-a-penny, which they were. Um, Darkpast? The era of a monarch is named AFTER the monarch, like Elizabethan, Victorian, and Georgian. I don't see any "Queen Victoria" in this movie... do you? [quote]because homes are full if 3D players and TVs, and there is a massive 3D collectors base for this kind of stuff[/quote] Stop lying, there's no such thing. 3D sucks, and it always will. There are very few 3D films in the UK being released, and it's dying out fast. You didn't answer my question, I'm not interested in the size of it. Is it a big bulky box TV or a thin screen? If it's a big bulky box type, then DVD will certainly look better on it, as that's what it was designed for. But DVD looks horrible on a thin screen, as the latter has much higher resolution capability, and they never upscale the image correctly. Yes, although I never saw the movie in 3D. I don't watch movies in 3D, or rather, can't. View all replies >