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What do you think is the weirdest story? Any likelihood he'll ban wet markets? Robot Head on The Rise of Skywalker Repulsive-looking guy Sounds like inspiration for "The Boy" Shitty movie I don't like the look of the characters I just rewatched Lord of the Rings Two ways to retcon the Timeless Child What was wrong with the movie? View all posts >


I wouldn't touch Big Ears' hand at all. Looks like Pence initially dodged a bullet, but most likely has Corona thanks to that Retarded Royal. I LOL'ed out loud when I read the headline. What a moron, I said. If he can't protect himself, then what chance do the rest of us stand? "and let the NEW younger cast shrine unhindered by the oldie cast." Fuck off, the "new younger cast" shine about as brightly as a broken lightbulb. No offence meant, Owlwise, but I assumed the OP was a Baby Boomer, I was referring to them. It won't work in its favour when the global community sanctions China for causing such economic and social upheaval. TOS may be fine to you Baby Boomers, but TNG was made for the next generation of Star Trek fans. Who knows? We can only speculate. Not if the parents were killed by the poisonous snakes that crawled out of their dead children's heads, as what happened to that family. Or had fatal heart attacks at the shock. In the movie, Cochran's plan succeeded. Society was forever changed. The bad guy won. Makes a refreshing change, I think. "It would not make sense to close down a business form that has spanned centuries." I'm sure this type of business spawned a lot of similar diseases over the centuries, too. "When the crisis hit the took action." He didn't take action to close down wet markets after the other diseases, did he? No. View all replies >