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What really happened - my confession No one bothered for a second to ask if it was real or not Roumors are that the maker of another site is negotiate to buy this place Before you judge me as a senseless murdered, check this out Deliciousfeet or Deliciousfeat Wearing tactical fingerless gloves doesn't mean Trophy list revealed Oh look,it seems like I have a doppleganger!! Resident Evil 2 - Claire demo!! Best place for a picnic View all posts >


8 km from where I leave,it was late afternoon when it happened And he just des-infected the wound,exam it and applied some bandages,then he let me go home Left Yes,poppy I did How should I knew how bad it is then?? When I was cleaning the wound,u noticed it became purple,I was afraid of an infection The bleeding didn't stopped,so yeah I called an ambulance The doctor who checked me up at the hospital decided I don't need stitches and he told me I was lucky I had my glasses on, otherwise it could be more serious Shocking, isn't it?? A picture at this hour?? It's 4:33 am,still dark A filmboards moderator.. fascinating Still alive Interesting Oh that photo! Yes, it's me View all replies >