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Ranbl and Crypto are standing around not speaking to each other. Crypto looks around. "So I’m guessing it must be a holding cell within a holding cell?" Ranbl turns his head. "Come again?" Crypto smirks. "Stupid Jedi. The cells won’t allow you to get out of them, but apparently you can use your abilities outside of the cell, but you can’t use it to get out of the…penitentiary. It’s a cell within a cell. Ranbl straightens his pose. "Come again." Crypto scoffs. "It has an achilles heel mongro." Ranbl gets closer and peers at him through the bars. "I have just about had it... The door to the prison opens as two guards are beating a man with their electric batons. He’s on his knees, screaming and pleading with them until one knocks him in the back of the head, electrocuting him and knocking him out cold. The guards picks him off the ground and begin to drag him down the aisle towards them. As they drag him in, Crypto takes his fist and drops it over his head knocking him out. The other guard walks in with a baton and he elbows him across the face, reaches down and grabs a wick from his side belt. Taking the wick, he throws it through the cell. Ranbl catches it and looks down at it. Crypto loses his patience. "We don't have all bloody day. Free yourself." Ranbl puts the wick in the lock and turns it. Crypto kneels down starting to undress the sandmen. That makes it even funnier I'll see about catching it. How I feel about it. Kinda like Indiana Jones flicks For me this is what I like to see now that we got messaging: 1. Get a suggestion board. So that way we can suggest things and see if they can be implemented. 2. Fix ignore 3. Get a list of our favorite boards like imdb had for quick access. 4. More buzz on Twitter and Facebook for the website. Attract more users. That for starters I called it when he kept having self doubts or memories. No one spoke to him. It still good for comedy. I love that one where Nellie is in a wheelchair and Laura is her slave or they sell a new hive to the olsens Do you like it quite a bit? I wanna see it. But the trailers and word of mouth not so good. Do it man. It changes everything. Much better ending. Not just that my dear. A thumbs upfor awesome thread. View all replies >