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The perfect "brother" for William. For those who do not get SYFy, but DO get DECADES.... It's this Weekend's Decades Binge!!!! A Holiday Must See! Just want to wish one and all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! A different point of view A different point of view..... Looks alot like......... May Your Night Be Merry and Bright! No Stephen King stories? View all posts >


I saw it when it first came out in theaters. If you are interested in the behind the scenes of this movie, you may want to watch this... [url][/url] No Memorial? What about those of us who were here at the beginning? I realize that some of us are dead to many here. What about those of us who did contribute a reasonable amount of content? Oh! and try not to forget Dewey! Believe what you want. I know the truth. He does too. "blah blah blah blah" When you were posting over there and harassing Dazed, you seemed to enjoy it there! What did you call yourself? Oh yes.... SAMSON! NZer mentioned another site while defending someone . I guess that equals soliciting the site. Suddenly, with no warning that she had done anything wrong, her account was wiped out. I know that it is confusing. I have no doubt that I will still be puzzling over it by the time my account is wiped out as well. So much for freedom to share opinions.... amazing! Considering the fact that she is one of the sweetest most non confrontational people you could ever hope to meet, I would say that someone made a big BooBoo. Thank you for answering my question. I'll just slip out through the back door.... "Some would argue that some trolling is an artform designed to push your buttons in order to challenge your thinking. Others think wanting everything you don't like or agree with to be banned or censored is the antithesis of tolerating differences of opinion. How are people ever to be challenged if all they ever view is their own opinion? When you have shut down everyone else's voice, how long till someone wants to shut down yours?" Then why was NZer banned with no warning or explanation? Will I now be banned for asking such a question? Rockford's was quite comfy! I am wondering if the people here are talking about Campers or Mobile Homes. My husband and I bought and lived in a two bedroom Mobile Home in a Park for 15 years of our marriage. It was a perfectly comfortable home with furnace, hot water heater and all of the comforts of a regular house. Being that we owned it, we only paid a lot rent. That afforded us the ability to save for a house in town. While I would never want to go back to living in a park, I had no problem with a Mobile Home. The only difference is that like a car, it must be registered with the Motor Vehicle Dept. Unlike a house, the Mobile Home depreciates in value, like a car. Look at the thousands of videos on YouTube.... not only about Mobile Homes. Check out the large numbers of people who are now living in Tiny Houses! Incredible! I wouldn't want to live in such a small space unless I was single, but I take my hat off to these people who make it work. There is a philosophy in this movement. It is doing without so many material things. Many young people don't care to live with a mortgage over their heads..... just a roof. I have always loved it and I still do. The sound track by Cat Stevens is reason enough just to watch! View all replies >