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Does anyone wonder if Wayne got married? Tigger acting up in the cab Elton John ethnic background shocked by divorce She's engaged husband threatening wife OK film read his autobio part Asian View all posts >


I recall it was hinted they slept together, but it was never mentioned. I'm glad she went back to school and got her college degree when her kids grew up. Interesting question. Maybe a college gf, or perhaps Becky or Linda. I wonder how Winnie reacted when Kevin told her he got married? I saw the first part, it was a bland movie. I'm not a big fan of either performer. I saw the last part of the movie, it was a cute film. The chemistry was OK. Yeah and teen boys slept with older women too. Still do. I knew girls in HS who dated guys in their 20's as juniors and seniors. But a guy in his 30's or 40's liking a teenage girl is sick. The same with a woman of that age lusting after a young guy. But human nature is what it is. I liked it too. A cute, entertaining movie. I meant Polish or Russian, but thanks. Remember when Roxanne and Beth went to NY. I recall these two rich girls had a fit when Beth danced with one of their boyfriends, and was very nasty to her. It would have been cool to seen their college years and starting careers. eventually settling down. In addition, seeing how the family members lives turned out. View all replies >