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I want to see Ulee's Gold and The Wild Angels. I read in his autobio, he had a fling with Wild Angels co-star Nancy Sinatra back in the day. He also worked with Laura Dern's parents in a few films in the 60's. I just found out Vadim was of Russian descent, but grew up in France. It will be fun seeing the Fonda siblings speaking in French. I was 1 when this film came out. Was Jane pregnant during the filming? I doubt they would have signed on to do the film if anything slightly incestuous was involved. Yes they were close as siblings but not sick people. Besides their father would have probably killed them or felt like it. OMG! I have been reading books about both siblings since Peter's demise. This film sounds interesting. I like Alain Delon's acting, although I was born in the late 60's. I knew they were separated, didn't know about the divorce. I guess she just isn't as settled as she thought. I heard she had a bit of a wild streak, who knows if that is true. It would be cool if it was put on DVD. I have not seen it in years. Thanks, did you like the movie? I recall an episode where she almost got married, does anyone know the reason she didn't ? I didn't watch the whole thing. Even Christina herself joked that Kelly was a flirtatious virgin. It's possible. I read Christina has 2 masters, therefore I bet she had a ball playing silly, dumb Kelly! I mentioned a post about that episode on the old IMDB board a few years ago. Boy was that episode a hilarious shock for TV audiences back in the day?! Remember when Pete stated there were no dishes, and Al turned the dog Buck's dish around and showed his pal his name was on the other side. I really cracked up! OMG, can you believe the 90's were almost 30 years ago, Gen X is getting old, I'm one of them myself. View all replies >