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Technicolor is great Not a fan, but I agree about PETA Candy production video People actually drank radium back then Has anyone read the book? slight feminist slant and mild spicy dialouge Fun fact video about the family Ditching Felix at the altar She stole her draft script from her agent His grandson singing View all posts >


I wish they would. I recall my grandma watching this back in the day, sounds like a good movie. I saw that a few years back. That was strange after the memorial, the fami!y was not worried when Ellen stayed in the wooded area for 12 hours. Only Richard was worried. Very sad. My late mom was a big fan of her, I really like bossa nova myself. May she RIP. I think she was the last one left. Stan Getz, her ex husband Jao Gilberto, and the songwriters of her most famous song died years ago. Although the lady who inspired " Girl From Impanema" is still living. I think singer Bebel Gilberto is related to her ex husband. Animation was cool You have to feel bad for Peeter, I guess Rossellini was the last straw. According to Wiki, Ingrid had been straying for years. I only knew about Roberto. I just read that, very sad. I heard she was a fair minded person. Her daughter Isabella adopted a a little boy who is Black. I guess he is from America, but maybe not. He is named after his uncle and grandpa. He is also a model. I just saw the movie Radium Girls yesterday. I also watched a few YouTube videos regarding the lawsuits in the 20's. Back then, it was one of the highest paying jobs for women. At the end of the movie,I read that the case was the genesis for worker's compensation. I also read, that after nearly 80-90 years, the women's remains are still radioactive. Some were buried in lead coffins. There are pictures of a few women testifying from their beds. Very sad. They had incubators in the 40's. View all replies >