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Popcorngal (2014)


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I'm watching it now, it does help you understand the saint's life a little better. At times, it is boring, but OK. I was wondering about his family myself. That is sad his girlfriend did not defend him against the bullies at the bus stop when they were insulting him. Although they only friends then. Maybe she was shocked they could be that cruel. It dawned on me at the end the meaning of the title. I think he used his disabled pal'sname to open a bank account, that explains the mother knowing about it. I am assuming, due to the unfair policies, Palestinians were barred from having bank accounts at Israeli financial institutions during that era. I liked the film, it was light and breezy. I also learned a lot about France. I just saw a copy at the library I work at. I hope to see it as well. You are right about the restorations, wonderful work on the classics. Thanks. How old was he? Didn't he die in his 70's or 80's, whereas sadly the world lost Elvis in his 40's. So true, the same hold true for men attracted to trouble making women. Go figure human nature! I did not mean anything against Shirley, just that it would be nice to see a new spin on a classic novel. In fact, I have never seen Shirley's movie,but hope to someday. View all replies >