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Potsie's family was kind of weird I felt bad for Wayne Announced daughter is gay Rose Parade Dawn Wells passed away yesterday cute film so far. Julia Quinn Sick story about hate groups picking on first marriage Kelly being chocked at her slumber party Candy canes View all posts >


I would like to see it as well, there was a remake as well in 2018. I read about the real life case. I just saw the film, after many years. I thought she looked familiar as well. Thanks. I read an older article. When did she say that? True, which is sad. But hopefully next year. I liked her as narrator of the Mystery series on PBS in the 90's. I saw the movie years ago as a late, late movie in the 90's. I never knew the title, but it was good. Are you referring to the 90's show? I think the who thing is a waste of print and time, Spain is in Europe, and the complexions on the population vary. As well as the dialect. Mary Balogh is good too. She focuses on the Regency period as well. View all replies >