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He wanted to lose his looks I really like this show. The mansion Nazi connections Just saw movie Turkish restaurant Tyrone Power's role Martha's boyfriend and annoying Marie Wow time flies! famous bfs View all posts >


I liked Wings and Sunrise. It's fun watching flicks my grandma enjoyed as a young girl. I read that in Wiki regarding Marjorie being dropped. She stated "Who cares, it's only a phonebook". I also read his last wife was Filipina. The movie Chiquita did not look Asian to me, but this was the 50's. True, Hattie's win was a milestone, "watershed" moment. I saw " Green Pastures" a few years ago. It was really good. The only goofy part was Noah asking about " the bedbugs and roaches" in regards to gathering the animals. That was definitely a "WTH" moment. It hit home since my apartment had recently treated for bedbugs. Did anyone enjoy Ty's pal Don Ameche in "Trading Places", with Eddie Murphy decades later. That was a cool film as well. I can imagine what Queen Victoria said was true, although it grosses you out. Thank goodness the Western world came to its senses regarding physical hygiene. BTW, Don Ameche was Tyrone's best man, in his first marriage to Annabella. Does anyone know if Ty was his best man when he married for the first time. Then again, maybe he got married before Ty. That's sweet he was so committed to Annabelle early in their relationship. Wow according to what you stated, Ms. Loy comes across as a scorned woman. I have to watch the movie again,in regards to interaction. You could sense the heat between Sonja and Tyrone in their films. I read bios on both Linda and Tyrone, the books were OK. I never knew about the uproar over casting as Mary. Heck, I didn't know that was her. I heard Zanuck destroyed the career of Ty's 1st wife Annabella, when they defied him and married against his will. Zanuck wanted his handsome box office goldmine to stay single. I think that applies to both genders, pretty boys can be a migraine as well. I was thinking the same thing. If fate had been kinder, I bet their careers, if they chose not to retire, would have lasted up into the 80's View all replies >