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Ms. Bates The film was mediocre at best great video showing her underarm hair decent acting in period dramas Isabel's death Slightly diverse cast in her silent films Didn't the husbands hear of mints or mouth wash? corn beef and cabbage existence great music View all posts >


I have not seen any of Ms. Paltrow's acting, but I slightly recall the movie's promotion back in the day. I have to catch the '96 version, this one is dull as dish water, but settings are beautiful! I would rate it a 7. Interesting question. My nephew once had a cricket. I enjoyed it. The women walking into the library is one of my favorite scenes. It is sad, that even in to today"s world women in various parts of the world are still denied education. It is mildly racy. It makes me feel old realizing that before you know it, the movie will be 30 years old! I was a young girl then. I first saw bits of the film a few years with a late friend/ neighbor. I am watching the entire film now. I am watching it now, and really enjoying the costumes and setting! I am sure a few movies are made like this if they have the budget today. True, whether if the ethnic race is the same or different, wealthy men enjoyed the company of pretty, smart women, then as well as now. Wealthy women as well when it comes to men. Human nature never changes. Certain parts of Europe had small pockets of minority communities in the 1500's. View all replies >