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Dead Presidents (1995) The Great Dictator (1940)? Fine, however you want to interpret that. But you're now playing the victim after constantly trying to push the 6'5'', real badass, intimidation shtick. Is this why that pansy Theta felt a need to come to your defense? Backpedaling or a rare moment of honesty on your part, I don't know or care. At least you're now acknowledging I wasn't really being "mean" in my initial response here. Hah, if anyone doesn't care about post counts here, it's me. And you proclaiming to know and speak the truth epitomizes the nature of the beast on this board. Because Theta once again butt in where he shouldn't have, labeled me and passed self-righteous judgement against me. This is exactly how he got on my bad side in his last incarnation here. He apologized for that while claiming not to remember it but I accepted the apology. Now he's doing it again. A leopard can't change his spots. As for "K's brand of humour", I outgrew that after junior high school. I did indulge in a bit of "lowbrow" humor with you during your recent vacation. It's very isolated and selective when I do that. I just gave him what he was requesting, a response, albeit a critical one. The very fact that he even created this topic is evidence of his awareness that he's not liked here by some, to the extent that he's fishing for how many have him on Ignore. You're just proving my point of being a "sheeple" and that's deserving of a teary-eyed, laughing emoji ! Unlike you, I'm not a blind, ass-kisser looking to be accepted in the name of "fun". Too often, fun on this board is just lame childishness. Yeah, the thin-skinned drama queen desperately trying to change his image. You couldn't be more obvious and I don't need an emoji to emphasize that. Sure you do, you blatant, thin-skinned hypocrite, and you definitely do your share of it. You're just following a formula of what you think is popular here and which makes you a mindless "sheeple" ( hysterical, teary-eyed, laughing emoji). Oh, there's that phony, hysterically laughing emoji. I know damn good and well you didn't find my response funny. Yours was just too quick and knee-jerk! View all replies >