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Sausage gravy and biscuits (especially popular during the opening morning of hunting season); pork tenderloin sandwich; chicken fried steak; rib eye steak. Of course! I remember seeing The Rock (Duane Johnson) in an interview a while back where he said that movie franchises is where the money is and "it's just good business." Too many things in life are, 'All About the Benjamins.' I lurked there for a while because I discovered one of the trolls was impersonating me, using my MC moniker. Only one of the posters from this site, a really stupid SOB habitually going off on political rants, actually fell for the deception.😁 Mod4 & Mod5 have been really cool and I feel, just with me. I've been falsely accused of both being a mod and as having been treated with favoritism. Such is the drama created by certain whiny drama queens on the GD board.🙄 While a nurse once did the routine weighing in prior to an exam, she made the observation that an error had occurred with my birth date on the admissions form. I quipped, "I wasn't born yesterday, I was born today." She giggled.😁 And often a thankless one. He's had centuries of being discredited, blamed and being raged against. Sort of like being a decent cop. I bought my '55 Chevy as a teenager for $150. It looked better and ran "gooder" than either one of those pieces of junk.😁 I grew up in a military family so I'm aware of some of the perks, although I don't know what it's like nowadays. There was always a re-enlistment bonus. Dad's favorite tour of duty was Germany, went there as often as possible. From what I remember, the government paid for most of everything when it came to travel expenses, including having our household goods put into storage during a tour. Dad even had his favorite vehicle shipped to Germany. Then, there was what was known as 'government housing', which was living on the military base. Shopping at the Commissary (grocery store) or PX (retail store) was completely free of U.S. taxes. It was a good life. I got to see much of the world I probably wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Yes, I actually owned Yentl on VHS years ago. Also, I watched this earlier yesterday, which I recommend, so it was a Barbra Streisand day for me. Not only does she have a dynamic singing voice, she's also a damn good actress! Watched this for the first time out of sheer boredom and desperation last night and finally understood the impact it made back then. Great movie and soundtrack! View all replies >