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The best time of the year is yet to come: "...there is more to the story, " More than likely, this is the case. Yes, it appears to be an obscure band from that decade and its discovery really seemed to have impacted him. Addendum: He mentioned a documentary that he really liked. This must have been it: This is the last song Dewey sent me in the goodbye message some of us received via his girlfriend after his passing. He said the discovery of this group immediately reminded him of me although that's always puzzled me. I can only conclude it's because we shared a lot of music from the 70s. His final sign off was: " Your partner in crime Adolphe Gomez " (an inside joke) Sam Adams Octoberfest, a seasonal beer available as of 9/14; always complements a nice bowl of chili beautifully. Seems apropos it's on Friday the 13th during the cycle of the full moon. Disgusting! True! It's one of three documentaries during the past week I've never seen before. One of the most disturbing scenes was the recognition of the falling bodies/jumpers within the first few minutes of the first tower having being hit, by witnesses in nearby buildings recording with their cell phones. They were obviously both incredulous and in denial : " What are those things falling ? " " Aw, no way! " " Maybe it's a chair or something..." I think " Never forget ! " is an apt slogan. I'm not the type to bury my head in the sand. I'm watching this right now It's riveting ! I watched it out of a boring lack of anything else available. It was worse than I anticipated. I usually don't rant negatively about a movie but this was garbage. It was as if the premise came right out of Bizarro World with the supposed screenwriter tripping on acid. I found it incredulous that reputable actors such as Dennis Quaid and Charles S. Dutton actually participated in it. View all replies >