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I'm with you there also, kap. I've seen a few interviews with some of the small business owners whose life savings and livelihoods have been completely wiped out now. Some were at a point of just starting to bounce back somewhat from the pandemic. Also, a good number of them are black. It's just so insane and completely counterproductive. Wishing you peace of mind and heart as much as is possible for you at this time. Only older people can truly grasp how accurate that analogy is, kap. I can relate to this. I'm the oldest of four sons in my family. My closest brother also passed away at the age of 39, on his daughter's 6th birthday. It was one of the hardest deaths I've ever dealt with. My two youngest siblings passed away unexpectedly almost exactly two months to the day apart the same year dewey did. In my wildest imagination, I never thought I would outlive all of my younger brothers. Until now, kap has been the only one to know this. You're in my thoughts as well, kap. Haven't we had some conversations and didn't we always know that this time was inevitable? As far as being the oldest, I still think you're remarkably lucid and articulate. Good luck! I feel certain you'll enjoy it. For me, it comes on Saturday mornings shortly after Jack Hanna's Wild Kingdom. It's become a very relaxing, Zen-like experience and a great way to start the day. GE, have you ever seen Earth Odyssey? If not, I highly recommend it. The magnificent nature photography rivals that of National Geographic. She's actually concerned about being thought of as a moron? Another smh in disbelief moment. That go-to pejorative is so old and worn out, it's become impotent. I'm letting it go once again because you're demonstrating very graphically what a complete waste of my valuable time you are. I let it go because it seems futile to try to interact with you on a sane level. View all replies >