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Who else is watching this on Acorn? Could someone please identify one of the films in this? Spoilers I just realized on my nth viewing Anyone else see this tonight on TCM I'm going to faint! Flashback Cinema Anyone else watching now? Just noticed a great thing about this site: individual boards for each episode of a show No matter how many times I see this They just put this up on Shudder View all posts >


If anyone's still reading this board, I recommend I Am A Ghost to fans of this film. I watched it for the first time when I was 15. 45 now and still a huge fan. The entire movie could be a dream. The camera zooms into the ear at the beginning and out of Jeffrey's ear as he's napping at the end. Liz Hurley was on too, in Last Seen Wearing. And some attractive men over the years, such as Sean Bean in Absolute Conviction, Rupert Graves in Happy Families, Tom Wilkinson in Infernal Serpent. I just started the series over from the beginning for the nth time so I'm reading the boards. I was given some for pain in a hospital and since I had only mostly done pot and hallucinogens, I was kind of fascinated that that they were giving me dilaudid because my only experience was hearing about it so much in this movie. It made me nauseated. I was disappointed after all the hype of them robbing drugstores to get this drug that I didn't enjoy being high on it. I'm watching The Last Waltz right now and reading this board so I'm bumping this thread to say "Get Up Jake" gets my vote. Who else is watching this Thanksgiving break? I just found this show on Prime and you're right, it does inspire one to be more caring. I caught the Debbie Reynolds movie a couple of months ago on TCM and I liked it but I think this is even better. I knew it was coming from reading the book and I so I walked out and waited for the screaming to stop. Then I came back and still was able to enjoy the villains getting what was coming to them. His parents probably didn't know what it smelled like. My mother always asked me why it smelled like chrysanthemums in my car. When I was a freshman in band in 88, I got hazed. When I was a senior in 91, we weren't supposed to do it anymore. No one ever said not to, it just kind of wasn't done. I still told the little bitches to wipe those faces off their heads and get in line though. View all replies >