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God. No. Please no! Scared the hell out of me. My all-time favorite Reminds me of Cube (1997) First Trailer Blu-ray (released 7/16/2019) review BLU-RAY out July 16, 2019 Is he OK? View all posts >


I like her in this role, but do be honest, there’s no depth to the role. No meat to it. Nothing unique, nothing defining character-wise. It’s just a basic good role that she absolutely nails, but there’s no variety to it. Compare it to all the roles in The West Wing. ALL of TWW’s main actors had multiple nominations. Even Janel Maloney. Why? Each of their roles had depth, defining mannerisms, defining quirks, huge ups, huge downs and along with it, and I hate to say it as I love Madam Sec, much better writing, much better defining lines. In Madam Sec to me the only *character* with some real bite to it that would fit right into The West Wing is Russell. Also latecomer Mike Barnow. Others like Blake, Matt, Daisy, Jay could too, as they and Tea have the chops, but with better defined characters. You do realize this is fiction, right? I didn’t even realize that she passed away. Just discovered it stumbling upon this youtube video on this very subject. 350 big ones from 1962 (when it was filmed) is roughly 2.94 million today. If I find the time I hope to chime in with my rankings this weekend. While not in the main troupe, I am surprised no one mentioned Carol Cleveland. She was in all of the films and 2/3 of the episodes. I’d have spanked her! :-) I’ll alert the President. Update. She’s got company now at my #1. The arrogant pompous douche bag known as Bill Maher is tied with Joy. (and while I am at it...LOL, “Joy” is her name and the personality she conveys could not be much more a polar opposite. ) The “hate” for her on this forum (and the predecessor IMDB) long precedes Trump) I just figured it was for a more secure grip purpose without having to use his excess strength. View all replies >