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My all-time favorite Reminds me of Cube (1997) First Trailer Blu-ray (released 7/16/2019) review BLU-RAY out July 16, 2019 Is he OK? Started to rewatch from S1 E1 then ugh... Worth a buck to rent I guess View all posts >


I had a thing for her too. Several years back an online group I was involved with was discussing crushes, and I put this online for my contribution. Susan is bottom left. [url][/url] Seabiscuit Find the best picture setting. My TV has like 12 different built-in settings and there is often a VERY dramatic difference between some of them. Experiment! Perhaps, but he’s a rude, arrogant douchebag. Lack of actual talent took his career away. Zero diversity, one trick pony. pre-Facebook days, I was in a fairly large online group that was discussing childhood/teen celebrity crushes. I was late to the discussion, so I created this page... [url][/url] Ditsy, to me, is like the character Suzanne Somers played in Three’s Company. Snepts...while she may have had a role like that, I cannot recall any that were ditzy. Certainly not a trait in her roles. I could be wrong very long ago. My favorite is Limitless. I can’t really say which I think is his best. View all replies >