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On HBO this month (Aug 2020) A Bag Full Of Jawea Well worth watching Yawn!! Peacock dinner Re-broadcast coming April 12, 2020 Presently on Pluto TV 21-mar-2020 Why no “Top 3 Roles” thread here? The Deuce View all posts >


Lolita Full Metal Jacket A Clockwork Orange Dr Strangelove Spartacus or watch the scene here and do a screen capture as he first raises the bottles. Except the top bottle is CLEARLY a Bud. Proof here: To anyone this bothers, they shouldn’t watch the Netflix season of Designated Survivor then. The President says the F-word while sitting on the toilet. It’s just 5 bucks a month and it’s fucking Apple. It’ll do fine and meet their expectations. I have to say, the lemmings of this country are not only mispronouncing “diabetes”, they are even misspelling how the late Mr Brimley pronounced it while making fun of him. Add an S to the word and it is clearer how to *correctly* pronounce it the old-fashioned way...diabetess. Die uh bee tess. He pronounced it with the ESS sound, but I do understand how people think he’s saying “tuss” and not “tess”. In the 60s and even the 70s it was mostly pronounced correctly (but “diabeetees” was a very common pronunciation too), but somewhere along the way we Yanks just swayed away to the now commonly mispronunciation. ( like library or February are mashed by us but most Brits do pronounce both Rs). Drives me nuts when a TV reporter says “lieberry”. I stroke out when they go “in your local lieberry in Febuary.” Anyway, it’s “die uh bee tess”. 🙂 RIP Mr. Brimley, you done well. >> I imagine it would make for a better one-shot 10-episode series than a movie.<< Someone should pitch it to HBO. You can have a ton of fun with Latin. :-) mentula magna View all replies >