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Seriously??? Trailer Goodbye Horses singer Q Lazzarus passes away This is going to be quite bad John Cazale Profile photo I’d arm wrestle for a crack at her. Name one film she was in without Rocky or Godfather in the title. View all posts >


I would agree. That was stupid. The theme song certainly had unforgettable lyrics, I’ll give you that. Two and a Half Men Glee The Fugitive Well, I hope you learned a lesson young man! ;-) Oh bull crap millsey! The OP is correct. Clearly they set out to cast an actor that resembled Danny Kamekona. That’s not being racist, it’s being normal. Just like they found an elderly actress to portray the older version of Geena Davis’ character in A League Of Their Own who looked amazing like Geena. George Harvey Nigel The assassin Khamel Now that’s funny :-) Millsey. It’s time to have your meds adjusted. He was roughly half-Greek, half-Dane. Nope, that ain’t Opie. View all replies >