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Bio-pic? Harry Chapin Where was Baron when Trump left the WH on Biden’s inauguration day? Where was Baron Trump when Donald left the WH on Biden’s inauguration day? If POTUS election fraud IS proven, she’d be POTUS The Sausage King has been murdered in real life Shut the F up! Very, very pretty View all posts >


I am willing to bet he’s more than satisfied with his career. A nice steady stream of acting credits the last 25+ years. I really liked him in Contact. It was the first time I took note of him. From the scalp out maybe, other than that not at all. That was Shute carrying the log. Kuch (not Couch) was the main character’s teammate and friend. Wrestling is the original sport. It was his first credited role in a movie. I’ve had that username since 1995 (on AOL) and then various messageboards such as this one (when it was an IMDB board) I had to use a Google Advanced search but it was the first hit. They do. It’s just hard to find in a simple search View all replies >