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I’ll pack a bowl for you Diggin’ Just thought of him and 60 years ago this month…Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah Now streaming on Vimeo Funniest opening ever? Boiled bunny? My favorite trivia piece about Cher Ratings will plummet with hubby as 2nd host View all posts >


So, in 2015 you were in every city in the US and noticed there were no Internet Cafes? Not to mention this was in DC. Crazy how on these forums that people think what is so in their area must be the same everywhere else. Realistically Harry would never be King. William is next in line, then his children. I am watching this now. It’s dubbed. Looks like Netflix gives no choice. Mixed emotions on that. In another genre, I alway laugh at contractions used in biblical times show/films, or ancient Roman/Greek films etc. (i.e. don’t, doesn’t etc) Agreed But are they still spectacular? Depends on the mood I’m in when rewatching It was the right call. Sixty-six other countries boycotted too. Sure, I felt bad for all the athletes from boycotting counties, but again, it was the right call. I liked it. Gave it a solid 6.0 on IMDB. Likely will never watch it again. View all replies >