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A agree with you. The only part that has to be technically “accurate” is the Madisterium world. There’s no reason why “our” world scenes should not look like our world now. The minute something is filmed anyway, it becomes a part of the past. Actually Will is biracial. But why does it matter at all? They never really went into this. But I imagine for a ship that size, you would have to have a LOT of counselors. She was probably the chief counselor, which made her the captains advisor. I really like her a lot— but perhaps that is because there were only 4 women to speak of: Her, Crusher, Pitkowsky, and Yar. The last two fell off after a single season. Crusher was a completely undeveloped character. So of the female characters, she is an obvious favorite. I think Troi was a thankless role. My sister used to call her “Queen of Obvious.” She would say that she “sensed” something that everyone could tell already. They should have made her sensory abilities a bit more like a super power. But they never did that. I think that Marina Sirtis is just lovely. I like her and would have like to have seen her in other roles. I will say that Conventions she is just so funny and interesting. I totally agree about Fritz Weaver. There is something very dignified and attractive about him. I actually like Larry Blyden, he is adorable in his two episodes. Season 4 are hour long episodes and - for some reason— they have always been treated separately for syndication purposes. I remember them being “rediscovered” in the 1980’s. No one had seen them because they had not been included in the 30 minute syndication packages. They probably shut him up quickly. People probably thought it was a crazy person or someone with a fear of flying. The whole issue with the people “Choosing” to visit the Kanemite planet is odd. If the Kanemites just wanted people to eat, they could have kidnapped them off the street. Won’t people find it odd that no one ever comes back? I notice that Mr. Chambers is confined to his room to keep him from other people. And they are giving him food to keep him healthy. I think the other people are on the ship, enjoying themselves— eating and being generally celebratory about the trip. Randall’ birth mom. I don’t think so. They could have padded her if it was necessary. View all replies >