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Where did you run across it? Haven’t seen it in years and would love to see it again. Missin’ me some head squishing. One of the funniest comedy troupes since Monty Python. I like the earlier episodes the best. I get that. The Moclan couples are not gay. Their society is all male. In this episode, we discover that some female infants, rather than undergoing "corrective" surgery, are secreted away by an underground network. If you are uncomfortable seeing two males as a couple, that is too bad. There have been same-sex couples since there have been human beings. I agree. He wanted out from the moment we met him, he had no direction. Then what’s he drawn to? Acting. An occupation/endeavor rife w emotion. He takes no pleasure in killing. In fact, he took no pleasure in anything until he discovered the theater (and the girl). The floodgates to emotions have opened. Including guilt. If some employers had their way, they’d still use slave labor. Sometimes it’s basically that as it is. He’s supposed to be cloddish. A country bumpkin, etc. and great foil for New York elites. Same role he played in HIS GIRL FRIDAY. He’s great at comedy and plays it perfectly. Maybe he'll rally other blue eyes against the red eyes. Then again, he threw that sweet little boy's drawing away, so he might really be a baddie. Still sounds like Patti LaBelle to me. We’ll find out soon! Good to hear! View all replies >