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So good! Bc one guy commandeered the page, probably just based on the movie’s title. I have the guy blocked — don’t even remember his name — so i only see like 4 topics per page. other people apparently (or same guy was under different name) apparently took up the mantle. It’s a shame bc the movie is recognized as a masterpiece and deserves a lot of discussion. I come back every 6 months or so to see if the nonsense has stopped. Thanks for sharing. It’s an interesting analysis. Back to the Future is good too. I agree. It’s the ending that makes the film. I think everything to there was the what if. Or perhaps parallel worlds. It has stuck with me for months on end. Here’s a Washington Post story on him: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/10/19/the-story-behind-president-obamas-half-brother-malik-who-trump-invited-to-tonights-debate/ Where did you run across it? Haven’t seen it in years and would love to see it again. Missin’ me some head squishing. One of the funniest comedy troupes since Monty Python. I like the earlier episodes the best. I get that. The Moclan couples are not gay. Their society is all male. In this episode, we discover that some female infants, rather than undergoing "corrective" surgery, are secreted away by an underground network. If you are uncomfortable seeing two males as a couple, that is too bad. There have been same-sex couples since there have been human beings. View all replies >