Lord Rake's Replies

Gold will be at 3200. Inflation will be through the roof and the swing states will still be counting "mail in" ballots. Then another manned moon landing is possible after all. By earn what did you actually do? You name call and make demands. And if you ever worked a day in your life "you haven't" you would have found out that acting that way with other people gets you nowhere. Go back to checking the mail for your welfare check. Looks kind of boring. Trump the prophet? You can be Maga and Canadian. It's more about being proud of your country and not being guilted into getting overrun by the third world. You are name calling and making demands. And that kind of behavior does not get rewarded. You can either do some research and accept that Donald Sutherland and his son Rossif both became huge Maga supporters or you can learn some manners and treat people with respect when you expect them to do the work for you. They are remaking Boondock Saints, and Rittenhouse is playing both brothers. It'll be like double impact I guess, cant wait, will be awesome. "Prove that he was. I want to see video and photo evidence. " You are not in a position to make demands. Grief takes a while, robocat. One day you'll find another Joe Rosenbaum to be your best friend. I dont mind that they want to keep it but it's just funny how once they have made theirs they change the rules. I remember seeing him at a rally with a maga cap on. He must have switched over in his later years, that's how they all are they are big tax the rich when they are young but when they get rich they want to keep every dime of it. Michael Shannon would be a pretty good bad guy for the film too. Definitely better than Fassbender. He's a hero! He was a trump supporter, even spoke at one of the rallies. "And as far as drug addicts go, it is much easier to get clean if you have home then if you're on the street. If you're living on the streets then you'll likely need drugs just to cope with your situation." But they are on the streets because they lost their home because of doing the drugs. And almost all homelessness is drugs or mental illness caused by drugs. These facilities will be turned into shitholes in less than a year and all sorts of sordid shit will be done there. RFK has been in the swamp his entire life. I don't dislike him but to think he is a sure uncorrupt bet is insane. The fact that the establishment is going this nuts over trump is a sign he is the real candidate. Even if elected he won't be able to do much, it is probably too late to get out of the mess they've spent us into. I like the first four commandments. Keeping the sabbath is difficult because of the busy nature of the world and inflation. It's not a bad habit even if one isn't religious to keep a day for self reflection, rest, and admitting sins. "Why does this matter at all what consenting adults do in their private time? What does this have to do with ethics or morality?" Just because you like it doesn't make it less gross. No assfucking.