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Why does 5-0 LET crime run rampant? What was so great about the show? It was an escape, what? Am I the only one who is ok with guns? S4 finale Why do people hate terrorists when they agree with them? How soon is too soon for holiday decorations to appear in stores? Do you ever wounder why some people are even employed? Why did he continue to doubt her? Make over shows when the before was better? Movies you watch as unintentional comedies? View all posts >


The problem is that most people are self-serving. They don't WANT to help victims. So the victim ends up thinking it's their fault. That is where we fail at a society. Also why people mistake manipulative people for being smart. "He was so clever that he got away with that crime." NO. What we SHOULD be saying is "What an a**hole, he got away with it." In the time of trump we are re framing, and redefining what we do. Instead of fixing the problem we just re-label it as ok. 2 + 2 does not equal five, then I'll re-arrange the whole world to MAKE it five. F*** my ego taking a hit. People are getting greedier, more callous, and more narcissistic. There are still good people, but with all this social media and a tough economy it's all about #1. BUT if we were to use our brains, we would see that if we help people in need, then others will help us. When we don't, no one will be there for you, common sense. But people don't get this so victims suffer A LOT. And the evil trash that does this, is not punished and keeps doing it. Also evil is evil. People who do these things don't care at all. No remorse. They are mentally ill, sick, crazy, whatever you wanna call it. Just pure evil really. Of course they will never care. If he is into men pretty sure the twink he is with 24/7 is his bf, Harrison! ;D But yeah he is in shape mostly so I get why people are attracted to him. I feel like this new show is basically recasting. They are trying to jump start careers of the actors. If you look into most of the cast they are failures of other tv shows. Dania Ramirez (Heroes, Devious Maids) Adelaide Kane (Teen Wolf, Reign) Gabrielle Anwar - who is she? LOL all I know is that they put wayy too much make up on her, maybe they WANT to age her? Andrew J. West - Who? And the rest are 100% nobodies of the new cast wow they are deleting my responses, since people can't handle them! this site has really gone to the dogs sad :( Videos game may be one of the biggest plagues on this earth. It creates obese kids. Not only that it creates a very disrespectful culture. 'Gamers' tend to be very aggressive, sexist, anti-social, violent, etc.... Games can be fun to play, but when it takes you to be so immersed in it, it's a problem. Yes I was all about going out and having fun, not wasting time on the old idiot box lol. Not sure where you live but YES I know QUACKS not actual doctors that got hired for how they looked/acted, no joke. Many doctors are quacks with NO credentials. AND MANY people get jobs through connections (father is the boss etc...) Why you see incompetent people everywhere. Also what is called prostitute on the payroll. Hiring someone as your personal prostitute. Yet they never seem to 'work'. Using company money at times to pay them for their 'work'. Maybe I am just in a ghetto/bad area, but where I live just about 99% of people are crooked. Not really, for me i made the best possible decision at the time. And after analyzing it, my life would have gotten effed up ANYWAYS. So I just don't give a sh!t anymore. When you're damned your damned. Why bother trying when the whole world is basically against you? I tired EVERYTHING. And when you still don't make it, the universe is trying to tell you something LOL. Not a religious person, but in the USA it's all about likability. People liked Trump, disliked Hillary for some reason *COUGH*sexism*COUGH* so Trump won. Even tho he is not even qualified for the job and 99% incompetent. I am educated and pretty much OVERQUALIFIED for just about EVERY decent paying job I apply to. Why don't I get them, they don't like the cut of my jib. Amazing. How my whole life is based on my likability. If we based things on qualifications this world would be an actually functioning place! Could not agree more. Don't get what the big deal is about him, his face looks like a foot! LOL And his Sherlock is BS. ugh at least I am not the only one that sees right through him :D Yeah I miss people having common sense and manners. Now they answer a phone in your face. When a phone is more important than a real life human being I lose respect for that person. And you know 99% of the time it's a bs call. Just shooting the breeze, well that is what I was doing with them irl. Sad that people expect us to take a back seat to their phone, as if to say 'well you understand the phone is more important than you' WHAT!? Yeah I had a horrible boss that was like why did you not get back to me. 'my phone died' response was 'you are so irresponsible' yeah the boss is not irresponsible who could of told us this sh!t when we were at work, but just tells us last minute on faulty devices, yeahhhhh ugh Truly common sense has left the world, the less we socialize and let these machines take over the more callous and cruel we get. Since a phone call/text is pretty nameless and faceless. *sigh* I miss the days before cell phones so badly. So happy someone agrees with me! Unlike these cell phone addicted dolts! ;) There is a time and place for everything, but cell phones mess that all up. People talking in restaurants, bath rooms, etc....yikes! View all replies >