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64% of President Trump's agenda is already complete! New Harris Poll shows 65% agree with Trump on Immigration What was the name of the gay bath house that Obama used in Chicago? President Trump Approval Rating at 50% And Climbing Anyone else get a bigger paycheck last Friday? Mueller Indicates Russians? Hero to the Left and Champion of Incest I HOPE SHE RUNS AGAIN IN 2020 Will he ever work in Hollywood again? Rock Star Trump Rules at Davos! View all posts >


Didn't he say that nobody hates President Trump more than he does but that the whole Russian conspiracy thing is a joke and a lie? So eyeDEF, you're saying that since the ban did not extend to SA that it is NOT a muslim ban as the left would have us believe? Thanks for clearing that up! As far as a "trade war" that's never going to happen. Dem's know NOTHING about making an economy productive. In Trump We Trust! Be honest, don't you feel so much better with him in charge than with BO at the helm? That's true, but Gallup polls all voters, not just likely voters and let's be serious, who cares what people who have no intention to vote, think? Yes Sir, Doggie has rounded the bend. Life is to short to argue with insane people. He needs help. I'm not getting paid to do that so I'm just blocking him from here on out. As a lifelong republican who voted for President Trump once and who plans to again, I fully support taking guns away from insane folks who threaten others (I own 2 AR's and multiple handguns and am a card carrying member of the NRA). As a democrat I would think this would worry you. If due process can be put aside for one so called conservative group, just imagine how many places it can be used against the left! "Your thread title is very misleading..." Perhaps, but I could never hope to rise to their level of abject deceit. Everything a liberal and especially a liberal news source touches is turned to shit. You'd think I worked at CNN or something! Agreed, but since only about half of Americans vote, there is something to be said about polling likely voters instead of just everyone over 18 (half of which will not vote). And only 37% voted in the 2010 midterms! So a blanket phone calling technique would only get 1 voter out of three polled. View all replies >