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Hilarious person So is this show any good? Why is there no talking here about one of the greatest actors of all time?? Thanks for wasting my time with your crap movie "Unsane" Steven. Fantastic season 2! Fake reviews? Anyone see this? Please Reboot! what a shitshow filmlocation in haunted hospital View all posts >


Christopher Walker from Disappeared. Like the voice of the guy from Disappeared. And did you like Uncut Gems? ok thanks. I will binge it when its complete;) Thanks! I will check it out then! There are many layers of bullshit in his comment. agreed!! yes I agree. Man on the moon 2nd and the majestic 3rd. I think its a great film. Didnt you see it yet? I turned it off after 15 minutes. Annoying screaming and stupid people with stupid boring dialoque. View all replies >