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"The Lion King delivered $23 million from Thursday night previews" Bond Babes sounds better. Everyone nude. Triggered much? Bond Derangement! I was right, the Rogan interview inspired the prank. I-Team Exclusive: ‘Storm Area 51’ creator explains how it happened Matty Roberts says he got the idea after watching podcaster Joe Rogan interview Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell about alleged UFO technology hidden in the Nevada desert. That story about the secret base has spawned its own mythology, along with the world’s only state designated extraterrestrial highway. Joke or not, businesses on both ends of that stretch of road are now preparing for an invasion of visitors. This inspired Roddenberry ten years before TOS. First big-budget Sci Fi, good writing. BO Mojo: The film will launch in a record 4,725 domestic locations this weekend and industry expectations have it pegged for a debut around $175-180 million ... As for this weekend, we're expecting anything from $175-210 million, sticking with a forecast right around $190 million ... [more than Captain Marvel, will it be #2 2019?] Review While Batwoman shines a welcome spotlight on one of the Arrowverse's more recent superhero additions, the series cycles through too many familiar tropes in its first episode. The show's first major villain disappoints, and much of the supporting cast come across as rehashes of other Arrowverse favorites. Still, the new series looks and sounds great, and there's just enough spark when it comes to the Kate Kane/Sophie Moore dynamic to suggest that the series can grow into something more. Area 51 Alien Center is not just a truck stop, store and diner. It's also the Alien Cathouse brothel! Everything but gas is expensive. I wonder if they're behind the prank? Up to 1.6M. Official site flogging merchandise: Settled down to 5.8 with 21K votes. Metascore is lower. View all replies >