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Julian Assange received 'hacked data linked to 2016 US election meddling and met with Russians in London's Ecuadorian Em Antifa Activist Identified as Man Armed with Rifle Who Tried to Set Fire to ICE Center July 12: Orange Man's Day Exclusive poll: AOC defining Democrats in swing states One million people plan to storm Nellis AFB to find and release Illegal Aliens! Soy Boy PM Scream Factory: 4K Remaster of This Island Earth ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Lassos $847M Global & Tops Franchise Offshore With $573M SJW: ‘The Lion King’ is a fascistic story China OW $55m View all posts >


These old guys: Opens in 16 more markets today. Should get some real imdb reviews and ratings tonight. Dr Who: S11 had a lot more viewers, especially episodes 1&3. But the average imdb rating for S10 is 2*s higher. Basically the BBC promoted Jolly Jody as Dr Woke. Young viewers came on board, they could not relate to 60 year-old white guys like the original doctors. Up to 1.4M now! This video 4 weeks ago is the inspiration. 6M views! Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell Bob Lazar is a fake physicist who claims he worked at Area 51 around 1990. (2+ hours) Chris Carter used it as main X-Files theme. I bet millions believe it's a real goverment conspiracy. Jeremy Corbell is a UFO kook who did a really bad Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix a few years back. Joe Rogan is the clueless, gullible U Toob host who makes a living off shit like this. 300,000 Weebs Storm Area 51: Does this prove that final season is crap or that Emmys are bullshit? There's nothing connecting Trump to Assange. Trump reversed on Assange after figuring out he was evil. The writer is , responsible for the "feminist humor". She's the creator/writer of Fleabag and Killing Eve. I could not watch the first 10m of the former, so am not trying the later. Yes, but much preferable to public broadcaster's constant butt kissing of King Trudeau II. Nope, it's because you're too stupid to respond to. There is nothing to understand, the professor is just deranged like all SJWs. " POLITICS BELONG ON THE POLITICS BOARD, REMEMBER?" Don't be stupid, it's a movie review! He made it political, not me. View all replies >