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Too low, will be about $900m. One processor took a day or two per frame. But they had 40,000 processors. Today's processors are likely 10X faster. I see no budget! Other articles have the budget of original movie. Metascore 46: Imdb reviews mostly positive. Sure to make a billion! I was talking about the top 10 box office because that's much easier to determine. 2 or 3 more films will enter the list. Only the top 8 or 9 can make a billion, but I can't predict which. Strange. Moviechat and Twitter are still active. Joker will make $300+m domestic, $850+m WW. Two others are sure to enter the Top 10 lists this year: SW:9 and Frozen2. Jumanji2 might. 7-8 are Disney, 1-2 Sony, and 1-2 WB. Do Maleficent2, Dark Fate and Dr Sleep have a chance? A record breaking 10.1! Blu Ray: Region B. 5:3? View all replies >