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Antifa Activist Identified as Man Armed with Rifle Who Tried to Set Fire to ICE Center July 12: Orange Man's Day Exclusive poll: AOC defining Democrats in swing states One million people plan to storm Nellis AFB to find and release Illegal Aliens! Soy Boy PM Scream Factory: 4K Remaster of This Island Earth ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Lassos $847M Global & Tops Franchise Offshore With $573M SJW: ‘The Lion King’ is a fascistic story China OW $55m Doctor Who will battle Cybermen once again in 'darker and scarier' new series View all posts >


The writer is , responsible for the "feminist humor". She's the creator/writer of Fleabag and Killing Eve. I could not watch the first 10m of the former, so am not trying the later. Yes, but much preferable to public broadcaster's constant butt kissing of King Trudeau II. Nope, it's because you're too stupid to respond to. There is nothing to understand, the professor is just deranged like all SJWs. " POLITICS BELONG ON THE POLITICS BOARD, REMEMBER?" Don't be stupid, it's a movie review! He made it political, not me. Just a YouToob rant by ... L Ron was also a Sci Fi writer. Scientology is just his stories turned into religion. Better pay. All the photo links are dead. Here's one of Lily: $960m on 8th weekend, 22% drop. Will certainly make a billion. Bottom Rated Movies #6! Another one August 23rd. Lucasfilm Debuting Sneak Peek of Star Wars: The Mandalorian at D23 Plus he's gay. Black Mask, the movie’s main antagonist, will reportedly be portrayed as homosexual. Though his sexuality is never explicitly stated, multiple sources have told We Got This Covered that the sexual tension between him and fellow villain Victor Zsasz will be palpable and the way he acts in general makes it pretty clear that he’s gay. Renee Montoya kisses her girlfriend. View all replies >