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Say what you will about Shaw being drunk on set. It matters not to me. As far as I am concerned, Robert Shaw delivered what I consider to be the single greatest film monologue in history. To THIS day, I still get goosebumps when Quint tells the Indianapolis story. Don't like him? No problem. Don't see his films, and leave the enjoyment of his work to those of us who truly appreciate his talent. Too bad the OP thinks the "god stuff" stupid and silly. I watched the film the first time for Jim Carrey's comedy, but in the years after, every time I watch the film, I feel a tremendous uplift in feeling. They say that God works in mysterious ways, and talks to us through different ways. I believe now, after over a dozen viewings that God is speaking to us through Morgan Freeman (who, by the way, I consider to be one Hollywood's finest orators) I still appreciate Jim's comedy, but I watch the film now and listen far more closely to what Morgan Freeman says. It is amazing how much of it makes the truest sense. I think what people have forgotten is that when God gave Bruce his powers, he limited them to the greater Buffalo area. When they are talking later in the film, God points this out. He wasn't giving Bruce power over the world, just a small part of it. That is very true. thingsmakersback - Yes, I do understand that Dracula was not the first vampire story ever written, but everything I have read over the years concerning Dracula and vampire lore, which obviously varies depending on the writer, leads me to think that Dracula was the first. There are hints in what I have read and seen in film that, according to legend, Dracula was actually Judas Iscariot. I always thought that it was a version of Dracula. After all, he was supposedly the first vampire from which all others flowed. Your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I do not agree, as is my opinion. As you will note in my original post, I said human. We all tend to want to be considered the best at something. It is human nature. I have a different take on favorite episodes. I love Frasier. I think it is well written and well acted. It is in my top ten sitcoms of all time. As hilarious as some of the episodes are, I have always felt a special warmth for the final episode of Season One - "My Coffee With Niles". It has no over the top comedy. It is a courageous slice-of-life episode. At the time of its release, the cast and producers of the show were not too certain that the show was going to be picked up for a second season, so they decided to go out quietly, if it came to that. The episode is basically one long conversation between Niles and Frasier, interrupted by the other cast members at different points. The conversation revolves around the question "Are You Happy?" posed by Niles to Frasier. I love when a sitcom deals with real life issues on occasion, and to me, this was perfect. The question never gets answered to Niles' satisfaction as they have to take Martin somewhere. But, it gets asked once more by the coffee waitress who finally gets Frasier's order correct, and his answer, believe it or not, always makes me a bit misty. He says "You know, in the greater scheme of things, yes, I would say I am happy!" Your opinion, not mine. The interesting thing (to me anyways), is the HUMAN predilection to calling oneself the "World Champs" of any given sport, not just football or baseball. But I am sure that every winning team all across the globe have called themselves "The World's best" at one time or another. It isn't just American ... It is Human. That depends on what normal is. My definition of normal could be different than your different of normal. One step above serial killer I certainly hope you were joking with that comment. If you aren't, I feel sorry for you. No matter. It is still gay porn Hahaha! (Gay porn for a Mother's Day gift! Maybe if the mother likes watching hunks have sex with each other! Hahaha!) Okay, I get your point. I thought you were being sarcastic. Well, to each his own. But it seems strange to me that someone would construct a bot to give good reviews. Aren't bots usually devised to cause problems? How is slimone defiling the memory of Robin Williams? The OP doesn't say one bad thing about Robin or the film. Everyone has an opinion. So do I. I loved it. Growing up on Popeye cartoons in the 50s, I felt that the film captured the look and feel of a cartoon, which I believe the director was going for. Watch a few of the old Popeye cartoons, and you will see what I mean. You may not agree with it, but you will see the similarities. If he has, in reality, done that to his face, then I feel a little sorry for him. But, then, I guess, some people in Hollywood believe that this is the only way to be able to get work. I am glad that there are actors and actresses who haven't fallen into the botox or plastic surgery trap.