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Not trolling. And I mean the God of Abraham. The God of Christianity. You have your beliefs and I have mine. The dead cannot return. Zombies are not real, except in the rare cases of drug induced servitude. Dead is dead. Since "Night Of The Living Dead" in 1968, the subgenre of horror alloted to Zombies has grown exponentially to the point where there are books written about what to do in a zombie apocalypse, and others. Nonsense. They both feature Gene Hackman and both are great films in their own right. The Conversation is a thinking man's movie. To the OP: Then go watch movies with car chases (Oh, that's right! This film has one of the best car chases in cinema history!) Sorry you found it boring. Just not your type of film. You sound like one of those persons who finds any film boring if it doesn't have loads of action and no plot! It's simple. Audience tastes change. They don't want to see the old same-old-same-old all the time. One thing that happens to most people is that we mature and seek out more sophisticated entertainment. Don't misunderstand me. I love a GOOD action film (there have been several bad ones) and I love the superhero genre, but as I got older, I found my feelings towards mindless action films to fall by the wayside. I wanted some real emotional content and good character studies. I don't agree. Not racist towards all arabs, just anti-terrorist the terrorists You have a right to say you didn't like it. That's your choice. Not everyone will like everything. There are "classics" of cinema that I do not like. It was already done as a Broadway musical Your opinion, and you have a right to it. But it's not mine. I have always loved movies that pay homage to cinema. That is why I love this film and others similar to it, such as "The Majestic", "Matinee" and "Hugo". On the first shot, I had a sore arm at the injection site for a couple of hours, and that was all. The second shot made me tired and lethargic for a couple of days. I think when this all settles back to "normal" (whatever you call that), it will probably be like getting the flu shot every year. View all replies >