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LOL! Knowing what we know now, and how Howard is murdered by The Winter Soldier, I believe I have seen enough of Howard Stark. Yes...and you have a right to yours, as do I. To Burk...Your opinion, not mine The Robocop remake was lousy I think the Infinity stones are somewhat sentient and can read the user's thoughts. So, I think Tony just thought "Turn Thanos and his army to dust!" As I understand it, in the comics, Steve did give the mantle to Sam at one point, so it makes zsense to me. Besides, I think Bucky was as tired of fighting as Cap was. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinions and how they view film. If it makes you happy to see a film drop in numbers week after week (which MOST films do!) then have at it! Then there are those who could care less about money figures, and go to see film for the pure enjoyment of it (like me). To Quirky: Your opinion, not mine I think the stones are sentient to a degree... meaning they can sense things. They have an intelligence of their own, and since the mind stone is one of them, I believe it gives the wearer a certain telepathic ability tied to the stones. It can read what the wearer wants to happen when he snaps his finger. Thanos wanted to wipe out half the universe in Infinity War, and if Tony had not gotten the stones away from him, he would have reformed the entire universe to his will. Tony was probably thinking "Turn Thanos and his army into dust!" View all replies >