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Shannongr - I forgot about "The Trade In"! That is a great one also. The look on the old man's face after he switches bodies and realizes that he won't be able to go on without his wife, and the subsequent returning to his former body because he realizes his life was better before the Trade In really gets me a bit choked up. Don't like? Don't watch it! Change the channel and watch something else. I take it the OP hasn't read the book. Either that or he did read it and didn't understand it. I quote you: "So making the movie into a character drama is laughable at best. Better make it a total action fest like any good superhero movie should be." My post was about superhero films, not just MCU. Logan is a superhero, albeit an anti-hero. Logan has a lot of drama, and it has action, and it is a masterpiece. I tend to disagree. Example: Logan There will be some of you out there who won't agree with me, but I think it is very simple. Steve went back in time to be with Peggy. When he found her, he explained how he was able to be there when he was lost in the Arctic. She was so happy to see him, that she agreed to keep his presence a secret. They were married, and had a happy life together. As to why Steve didn't get involved in the events that lead up to him becoming an Avenger and going off to help out. I think Steve knew that if he were to interfere with the events in any way, he could do irreparable damage to the events as they would play out, and possibly change the outcome of Endgame. He had to stay hidden or he might do more damage. Iron Man, an ordinary human, as the OP said, wielded the gauntlet. Yes, but he died doing it. The power of the stones gave him omnipotent abilities, but destroyed him in the process. My five are: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Best scary one IMHO) Kick The Can (I am nostalgic about my childhood) Walking Distance (See above answer) The Hunt (Because this is how I hope Heaven is) Night Of The Meek (I sometimes wish I WAS Santa Claus) "Kick The Can" and "Walking Distance" because I miss my childhood, "The Hunt", because I want to believe that that is what Heaven is like, and most of all "Night of the Meek", because I sometimes wish I could be Santa Claus. I like your idea of an ending! A happy ending for a change! View all replies >