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Okay, I get your point. I thought you were being sarcastic. Well, to each his own. But it seems strange to me that someone would construct a bot to give good reviews. Aren't bots usually devised to cause problems? How is slimone defiling the memory of Robin Williams? The OP doesn't say one bad thing about Robin or the film. Everyone has an opinion. So do I. I loved it. Growing up on Popeye cartoons in the 50s, I felt that the film captured the look and feel of a cartoon, which I believe the director was going for. Watch a few of the old Popeye cartoons, and you will see what I mean. You may not agree with it, but you will see the similarities. If he has, in reality, done that to his face, then I feel a little sorry for him. But, then, I guess, some people in Hollywood believe that this is the only way to be able to get work. I am glad that there are actors and actresses who haven't fallen into the botox or plastic surgery trap. I agree with Ace_Spade's post. There is only one way to become good at anything ... hard, dedicated work. And I must point out that you say that you are not satisfied with being "Spencer Tracy" good. Have you ever seen ANY film he starred in? If someone said I was "Spencer Tracy good", I would be FLATTERED. I consider Spencer Tracy to one of the finest actors who ever lived. He made it look EFFORTLESS, which is a true sign of excellence in acting. Now, considering that Bryan Cranston is a fine actor in his own right, I don't think he would consider himself on a level with Tracy. Alien has been described as a "haunted house in space". Your observations on what it takes to be attractive to women shows your absolute lack of knowledge of what a woman finds attractive in a man. Most women are not as shallow as you seem to think. I think it is simply something that we as human beings all have to face - AGING! To the OP - That's funny! Of course, their marriage was a publicity stunt because they are both just publicity hounds. I don't know. I have never played the game. But, if you reread my post above, you will see that I never said the game was crappy. I was quoting based on marketing hype. When you are promoting something, the ad men would never suggest to promote it as "a crappy video game". That's like ads for cars saying "Well, you can do better than our car, but buy ours anyway" View all replies >