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I take back my much earlier post complaining about the lack of a flag planting scene. Rotten Tomatoes Capt. Marvel "want to see" score had plummeted to 17% just prior to them removing it.... Now it's supposedly going to be a Hulu TV series instead of a movie.... Brie Larson's cynical and narcissistic "charity" campaign to help underprivileged girls see Captain Marvel Jack Morrissey calls for MAGA kid to be thrown into a wood chipper. So Bale is a Satanist. I'm not really surprised. My message for TLJ haters. Is there rap music in this? Huge flop in second week. View all posts >


You or I wouldn't, but don't think there isn't a market for unusual or quirky old items. I would guess decorators for businesses buy the bulk of the signs. If you're opening a restaurant or store and want to create a unique visual interest and make it look like it's been there for a while, you scatter some of this junk around as decor. For example, I went to a Portillos in Chicago that had a prohibition era theme. They had signs and old gas pumps from the 20s and crap like that. Another one has a 1950s theme and they had a lot of advertising signs and Coca Cola crap from the era. Some chains like Potbellies and Jimmy Johns try to create the same aura, but with cheap facsimiles - they all have the same "quirky" items which are probably supplied as part of the franchise package. Then there are always the private collectors who like arcane stuff, like oil cans and old metal toys or antique fishing lures. Old light fixtures and architectural elements are sought after by home decorators looking to create interest in an otherwise bland, modern room. I know the show is staged, but they started off doing antique picking for a living. No. Obama solved racism. This thread was ported over from imdb. is only a little over two years old, created as a response to the imdb shutting its message boards down. So any thread that was started over two years ago was originally started at imdb. The OP may not even know of this site's existence. It must have been seen as "brave" back in 1955 in tackling or coming to grips with the issue of anti-Japanese sentiment in the U.S. during WWII and thus gained its reputation as a socially-conscious movie. Now, the "message" comes off as ridiculously timid and obvious. Stripped of its "importance", the movie comes off as a pedestrian crime story. What I mean is, imagine if the man who was murdered was a white guy who was killed over an affair. Easy to see how the movie would have been long forgotten. Joins the pantheon of such greats as Ghostbusters 2016 and The Last Jedi, which *definitely* did not achieve high critic scores for political reasons.... The only good thing that came out of 1941 was John Williams' "1941 March". It actually sounds great arranged for a traditional brass band: [url][/url] The score obviously was not a scientific poll. What it was though, was a proxy for how well or poorly the advance marketing for the film among its primary target audience was working. This includes trailers, "leaks" from the set, rumors on fan sites, what the actors/creators involved were saying about the production in interviews or on social media, etc. You would have to be motivated - either strongly for or against - to go to the site and vote, meaning you were attuned to marketing and were reacting to it either pro or con. A high score may not be all that meaningful. But a very low score means something is clearly turning off the core audience. It means trouble at the box office. You only have to ask yourself this single question: Would Rotten Tomatoes have eliminated the popular "Want to see" site feature in the middle of the night without any advance notice, only releasing an explanation notice after the fact, if Captain Marvel had a 96% "Want to see" score? I think the answer is obvious. You'd have to be a fool to believe there was no behind-the-scenes pressure. If you read the whole article, there's nothing there. There are reasons to loathe and reject Bernie Sanders without trying to make something out of his dumb musings written in 1972. That said, had the exact same article been written by anyone with an "R" after his name instead of a "D" (or in Bernie's case, an "S"), Democrat activists and mainstream media would be all over it, twisting and misrepresenting it while expressing "shock" and "outrage". There'd be marches planned and a call for a "national discussion" of why all Republicans are sexists who secretly fantasize about raping and abusing women. Probably this will have a big opening weekend due to the manufactured feminist controversy around it. $100 million? Certainly. $120 million? Possible. But it's unlikely to have the legs of "Aquaman", especially internationally. Brie Larson has all the charisma of a cinder block and I don't see how people will be clamoring to see her scowling face a second or third time. And I don't know if the various charities set up to help Di$ney are going to be able to bus in enough "underprivileged girls" to make a noticeable dent in the box office. View all replies >