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Time to seriously consider breaking up the county? Sign this petition outlawing soap. Killing unwanted Golden Retriever puppies: What's your preferred method?" Help! I need advice on replacing my harpsichord plectrums. List your favorite movies about traction engines. I'm losing a battle of wills to a bird. I do love it when leftists eat their own, but man are they going to be stuffed! Bernie guest star on Star Trek! Best New Year's Eve movie ever! What is it with actors? View all posts >


Yep. That'll be mine too. First very time I saw it was ahead of "The Natural". I loved that movie. Consequently, every time I see that logo and hear that fanfare I get nostalgic. (Although, granted, on home video, the wings of the Pegasus look very cheesily slapped onto that white horse. The one I hate the most is MGM - again especially on home video, when I haven't adjusted the volume and it's too loud. The gritty, distorted lion's roar irritates the hell out of me. The Blues Brothers - obviously. Everyone in Chicago loves The Blues Brothers. People in Austria HATE The Sound of Music, if they know it at all. What does that tell you? That putrid song about the alewives isn't even a real Austrian folk song. The only passable R&H film musical was Oklahoma!. Oh my god, the horror! You saw a tiny photo of Hitler. So you want the site to start censoring photos now? I'm just happy when I'm not confronted with the Midsommar poster. I'll take Hitler, Stalin or even Michael Moore rather than that! The Stepford Wives (1975) Freddy Got Fingered New rule. If it isn't answered in a day or two, you have to answer it yourself. Stop Making Sense All this time I thought YOU were a woman. Mostly because of the cat hoarding. I agree about unoriginal trashy superhero movies, but Scorcese isn't the one to talk about it. He's been postponing what would be a truly original story - The Devil in the White City - for years in favor of cranking out two more of his repetitive and boring gangster movies. During a concert, a man performs wearing a suit several sizes too large for him. View all replies >