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Says she can see CO2. Daisy Ridley just can't keep her mouth shut. Daisy Ridley "slammed by critics" for not recognizing her white privilege. Look, it HAD to be remade for the sake of social justice. What were they thinking? Spencer Tracy in his late 50s and severely overweight as a mountain climber?? OK, Martin. The Irishman is out. Stop complaining about Marvel and make me my Devil in the White City movie. They gender swapped Doc in this version. Tomato, tom-ah-to, Lieutenant, Leftenant. Let's call the whole thing off.... Could this be the worst title ever for a movie? View all posts >


I've had it with you, "friend". I am NOT the OP, dummy. Also, I disagreed with the OP in the very first reply to his post. I said Knives Out is a middling success. When "Jamfo" had an issue with me calling it a "middling success", I pointed to Joker which, there is no dispute, is a much larger success as a comparison. I think you will agree that a $900 million profit is larger than a $40 million profit. Knives Out is not going to make the kind of profit that studio accountants are going to swoon over. But it was a success. A middling success. I selected a movie with a similar budget but a much larger box office take for comparison. Knives Out cost $40 million, Joker cost $55 million. What IS your problem? Yes. Middling success. It's certainly not a [i]huge[/i] success such as "Joker" which has grossed $1.055 BILLION on a $55 million budget. I despise Rian Johnson. But I've graciously admitted his film has been successful. Why do you have to nitpick me on terms? I am not suggesting she doesn't have a right to say it. It's just bad form. You are intentionally alienating and insulting a large part of your audience when you do it. Again, imagine if almost every actor were constantly criticizing Barack Obama during interviews to promote their movies. Would never happen. But it's become acceptable to do so, not just with Trump, but with everyone with an (R) after their name [i]and their supporters[/i]. Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters "a basket of deplorables" singlehandedly cost her the election. She still doesn't think she did anything wrong. Why has it become acceptable to bash half the population simply because they disagree with your half-baked political views? Johnny Carson was purportedly just as liberal as Stephen Colbert or any of the other late night hosts today. But he never let his bias show while performing 6 hours a week for 20+ years on TV. As a result he was beloved by a wide cross-section of the population. Jay Leno was probably the last of the "unbiased" late night hosts and he was viewed by a larger audience than all the current shows put together. Where is this going to end? VP Mike Pence went to a Broadway show just after the election and the actors stepped out of character to personally insult him from the stage as he sat in his paid seat. (Sic semper tyrranis indeed.) What has happened to civility and decorum? How so? The movie was #2 at the box office for the second week in a row. It seems it will make a modest profit given it's small ($40 million) budget. I would have liked to see it bomb, but its (middling) success has a bright side. If Rian Johnson can make these small original films that harm no one and be kept away from rianing beloved franchises for long-time fans, then I say let him have at it. It might also cause projectile vomiting. If the movie were made today, you wouldn't be able to use a volley ball. You would have to cast a football or a bowling ball in the role for the sake of diversity. Hold on. She wasn't ambushed and the question wasn't "no-win". She could have easily been humble and said, "Yes, I've been fortunate... blah, blah, blah. Then no one would have heard of this stupid interview. Instead she couldn't help her herself and revealed her own arrogance, effectively claiming she had no advantages and did everything all on her own against great odds. Of course they are. But sometimes it's poetic justice when virtue signalling actors who enable and engage with the SJW mob culture for personal gain end up as collateral victims. View all replies >