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Tessa Thompson does not want to work with white people or men. She's a white supremacist! Martin, your daughter Catherine has shamelessly opened a GoFundMe campaign.... Greta Thunberg Pitch Meeting for Coraline I take back my much earlier post complaining about the lack of a flag planting scene. Rotten Tomatoes Capt. Marvel "want to see" score had plummeted to 17% just prior to them removing it.... Now it's supposedly going to be a Hulu TV series instead of a movie.... Brie Larson's cynical and narcissistic "charity" campaign to help underprivileged girls see Captain Marvel Jack Morrissey calls for MAGA kid to be thrown into a wood chipper. View all posts >


You can't read between the lines, can you? You take everything someone says at face value without considering how the choice of words betrays certain attitudes, don't you? You're focusing on a single word "just" and not considering the attitude she's conveying. I'd like you to image a white person saying something similar. Imagine a white basketball player bemoaning the lack of diversity in the sport and saying "I don't want to show up on the court and see just a bunch of black people". It's one thing to say, "I'd like to encourage more diversity... etc., etc." and quite another to call the industry "a bunch of white people". If you can't recognize the thinly-veiled contempt and hatred inherent in her wording and her hypocritical desire to work only with people who look like her - while calling that "diversity", I can't help you. I just hope you're white, male and young enough to eventually live the fruits of your blindness toward what's coming your way. You obviously seem like an expert. Should I go with a Minn Kota Edge or will the Endura be sufficient? [quote]There's the one in which women are represented as natural, well written diverse characters that have depth, which I applaud and encourage.[/quote] What you are describing here is NOT a "feminist film". It's just a good film. Your second description is spot on for a "feminist film". Which is Booksmart? It gives the impression of being the latter from the trailers. But maybe, just perhaps, the protagonists are shown as dogmatic, self-righteous, arrogant, and self-centered just at the beginning only to demonstrate some personal growth by the end of the story. Perhaps there's at least one male character who isn't a walking cliche of the feminist view of "toxic masculinity" or a stupid sexist oaf. Maybe the girls begin to show signs of developing a wider, more balanced and nuanced view of society and realize they may not be as smart as they think they are. That's typically how this type of teen story goes (except for the insufferable "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", where smug and arrogant Ferris gets away with everything and learns nothing). I doubt it, but it's possible. No doubt the tweet was poorly-worded, but you have to be willfully stupid to misinterpret it that way. Yes, this is a little indie movie specifically for a left-leaning female audience, made by and for feminists. But so what? The trailer makes it abundantly clear what you're in for if you buy a ticket. They aren't trying to "trick" anyone. The problem is only when Hollywood insists on force-fitting the "feminist BS" agenda where it doesn't belong - like Star Wars or Ghostbusters - to the detriment of the expected tone and quality of the story. I can tell you the only reason I went to see it was the because of the 3-D hype. Although this wasn't the first new 3-D movie, it was being pushed as a revolutionary advance in the art - THE movie that was going to turn 3-D mainstream. Problem is, you can't (well, shouldn't at least) do 3-D while simultaneously using shallow depth of field to control where the viewer directs his or her attention. Cameron did this in numerous scenes. All it did was give me a headache. I saw the movie a second time in 2-D to give the story a fair chance without the headache-inducing distractions. So Cameron suckered me into paying twice for this. The story, of course, was total dreck. But it was an afterthought at the time. The reason you "had" to see this was the technology. Any early thoughts that this was going to turn into a new sci-fi/fantasy cult along the lines of Star Wars or Star Trek fizzled quickly. Hell, can you even name a single character from the film? Do you see people dressing up as blue cat people at the comic conventions? Where are the fan fiction stories and all the websites devoted to the Avatar universe, building up the lore beyond this single movie released a decade ago? Can you hum the theme music or remember any iconic weapon, spaceship, or other prop from the movie? The only thing I remember is "unobtainium" - which is stupid. I have a feeling Cameron is finally headed for his Waterloo with the multiple sequel to this that NO ONE is all that interested in seeing. High deductible. Sunday was Mother's Day. View all replies >