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I always thought X-Men had a large enough built-in fanbase... Why exactly do people hate this? There was no reason for Wolverine to be the lead... One problem I had that no one's mentioned... The Democratic Nomination This isn't even as good as the 80s series... Why does Hawk keep getting his butt kicked? The showrunners don't understand the character... Has a series finale ever felt less like a series finale? Am I the ONLY person who liked Season 1 better? View all posts >


His character was just so completely and totally unlikeable. He wasn't even the type of character that you love to hate. He was just annoying. Couldn't someone have shot him in the face earlier in the film? Did anyone else think the fate of Danny Glover's character was like something out of Black Mirror? Was thinking the same'd think you were watching a sci-fi movie. Also it was really annoying how the characters were always talking over each other...gave me a headache. Watched this on Disney Plus, and yep I've thought that since seeing it for the first had "toys" that kids might've liked in the 40s and 50s, but not early 90s when this came out. Other than liking Apocalypse, I completely agree with your post. The Dark Phoenix Saga is's only held up as being great by people who were reading comics at the time (in other words, they'd be pushing 50 now). Hell, I really didn't have major problems with the Dark Phoenix movie besides the fact that it was adapting a storyline I didn't think was all that great and was already adapted for X:TLS. DoFP was just ok...agreed. I was glad I finally got to see Sentinels in these movies and it was good to see the old cast back one last time, but other than that, it just wasn't that good. I like the cartoon's adaptation of DoFP much better. I guess what I'm saying is that for the inevitable MCU reboot, I hope they go a different route than just adapting Claremont/Byrne stories unless there's a Claremont/Byrne story that hasn't been done on in film yet and would make for a good one. I'm all ears... Anyway, Days of Future Past wasn't a faithful adaptation. Wolverine wasn't the one who went back in time, and Kitty didn't send him there (she doesn't have that power). Magneto wasn't in the past scenes in the comic. How was Dark Phoenix that different from the source material? No Hellfire Club (they had already been used in First Class) and no big battle in space, but it otherwise didn't seem that different. I didn't hate the Dark Phoenix kept me entertained and it did have some well-done scenes, but it's time to move on from that storyline. Uh...these movies have been following the Byrne/Claremont run for the most part. Star Trek Nemesis sounds like an apt comparison. Another film in a long-running franchise that lost its opening weekend to a movie that didn't even have much buzz (Maid in Manhattan or Secret Life of Pets 2...not sure which is more embarrassing) and probably was hurt some by the lukewarm reception to the previous film. Though I think Nemesis also had the problem of a four-year lapse since the last movie...people had forgotten about Star Trek: TNG by then. There was only a two-year gap between the other TNG movies. I think he becomes completely unsympathetic when he sends his second wife to certain death. She was innocent and adored Lester (and also we know that back in Vegas, Lester was planning on cheating on her before he ran into Malvo). Before that, Lester just hurt people who had hurt him (although admittedly murdering your wife and framing your brother for that murder was a bit extreme considering they just verbally abused him). I am a bigger X-Men fan than Avengers fan (just like most comic fans who grew up in the 90s)...this is true, but I still think overall that the MCU has been better than the Fox X-Men films, which have been underwhelming as a whole and focused too much on some characters at the expense of others. Also, they've done a piss poor job of keeping continuity straight. However, Age of Ultron was definitely one of the MCU's weaker efforts. I don't feel like its story, action, or visual effects were better than Apocalypse. It's just that the casual moviegoing public (and critics) both a) prefers the Avengers' characters to the X-Men characters and b) is turned off by the X-Men films' recasting characters from the original trilogy. Other than the Iron Man vs. Hulk fight, Age of Ultron was very forgettable. View all replies >