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Your English is very good. Have you ever considered fan subbing? I used to mod a site about horror films & i took great care in how i did it. I mod this group as well: [url][/url] And this is my Twitter shit: [url][/url] And this one I have used for a horror forum friend: [url][/url] It really isn't important but I did offer the owner of this site I could help them out with promotion & clearly I can... I joined this site kinda early & when I noticed admin had shit all social media presence I offered help... open offer & I have charged people for promotion. Do you believe me? I can prove i am honest. I can give you access to my accounts as well & I can outright disprove I am racist (getting a lot of that here) The numbers talk... My FB group is the most popular on FB by a large margin & if you # on Twitter about Asian Cinema you will find me! Hash #AsianHorror How to be neutral. How to mod a site. I just upset mods... they hate me but if I don't sort them out they will never learn ;) Yea my ad block is down for this site BUT the worse news is there is a mod5: [url][/url] <---- I bet you a tenner he is as dishonest as the rest.... Who is recruiting these fucking mods LOL!!!! Reminder to the community I got warned for posting a link to a video about climate change & "Mod 2" warned me and said I posted porn.... This idiot mod seems to be gone thank fuck & good shit I have been getting no end of trouble from the mods. I think it is Mod1 who is okay & is it Jim? the owner <--- only speak with them. Watch your gob though you will get warned....The mods want to ban everyone on a political basis...Its a libtard party & even with nice posters like this:[url][/url] want to discuss shit mods will shut you the fuck up. I started following Infowars but unsubscribed because I don't like Alex Jones. I like Paul Joseph Watson though: [url][/url] I like Bearing: [url][/url] I just started liking Sargon as well: [url][/url] "It sounds like you're buying into right-wing propaganda. What news sources do you use?" I avoid the news & can think for myself. I am new to "youtube celebs" as well... I just found Bearing & his wife "Sugar Tits" hilarious and very honest. So admittedly this kind of shit is where I get my news... I don't blindly follow though & if they post shit like Alex I would unfollow. "I get the feeling that you don't believe people should fight against bigotry. Am I right? " So you think I am a bigot? That is offensive. You need to take each issue & deal with them one at a time, you can't just be left or right... you need to go by country as well. I live in the UK so I will give an example: 1. The UK has no guns & is racially diverse so we don't have the American problem there (but I will comment on it) 2. (rough number) 3000 people are on our list of suspicious Muslims prone to violence & extremism some who have been known to the police and killed people in terrorist attacks... here is where you can call me racist although religion isn't a race.... I want all these fuckers deported & I don't give a shit what skin they have. You don't have this problem yet & I hope you never do! Trump is trying to keep America safe from this shit & then you have idiots like Angela Merkel who is promoting it. Mexican stuff is hot topic in America.... Problem easily solved if illegals just step up & get citizenship & i hope that offer is on the table... surely that shit was already on offer though? Twitter do this shit as well. There is a gay dude called Milo Yiannopoulos who only goes out with black men.... Twitter banned him for racism because he did a little trolling on Leslie Jones calling out her utterly shit job in the Ghostbusters remake.... Literally everyone who called that bag of shit film rubbish got accused of being a sexist racist biggot & the media loved it & the fake reviews hammered in. I haven't seen this: [url][/url] but caught some vids about it on youtube & the director is being hounded by the press. I will be banned I run my lip too much I am a "gob shite" View all replies >