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An old point, but regarding the gun issue. What implies he had a concealed weapon that the police would look at. Households can have guns. Someone breaks into your home and you get your gun to defend yourself? Why should you have to explain why you have a gun in the home? Typical. Ah, yes. Because I do enjoy superhero movies I must hate "more significant fare." I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but my taste range over a large and varied oevre of material. Films of all kinds are still produced. Currently Superhero films are very popular. Other types of films have had their days in the sun and will again. However there are hundreds (if not thousands) of films are made every year. Only a fraction are super heroes. You are allowing their current prominence to fool your perceptions. Because it is called acting. An actor does not have to match the character. I assume you do not approve of any other variations of storytelling; such as poetry. Musicals are simply a type of storytelling. No, they are not just "okay for children's cartoons." Such an observation simply indicates an lack of understanding or appreciation of the wide and varied means of telling a story. People who think they are superior because they "so smart" as to not like certain genres of entertainment are generally of an infantile mindset, so impressed by their own "awesomeness" they belong to that subset of individuals who seem to think they are better than everyone else and those inferiors should be taking their advice. Such persons are rarely pleasant to be around and tend to immature reactions and temper tantrums when people do not agree with them. Ah, the ubiquitous, pretentious nut proclaiming his supposedly superior intellect and perfect taste; the usual mark of an immature mind trying very hard to appear grown up. Personally, I love musicals. They are a fun, innovative means of storytelling. I can maybe see gymnastics, though it isn't quite the team sport the others are. (Yes, it has teams, but they don't play off each other. Each person competes singly.) The same with diving. You have a team, but each person competes separately. In basketball, football, and lacrosse contributes toward the scoring of points and the prevention of the other team from scoring. It would also be far harder to film and inspire the team spirit they wanted to convey. At least, that is my view. Your mileage may vary. Yes. Interesting on creek/crick. That happens around where I live (Nebraska), though it is far from universal. I'd say about 30% say crick instead of creek. View all replies >