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Juliette/Eve and Adalind need bullwhipping. What does it matter to you in the first place? Only trolls ask such ridiculous questions. This is not a fucking contest. That's a game a child would play. Are you six years old? Go ask StyxNyx, he's probably one of your socks anyway. Not sure who you mean but I guess you could try going to your safe space. Yeah, he did nothing wrong. So, you're an SJW (which by definition makes you a bigot). Enjoy your safe space. She needs to be bullwhipped? So do we tip the whip with bits of gold K or what? What the fuck are you on about? Tommy wasn't a Martian. And what do the stunt people have to do with it. This clearly is political correctness. No, you're thinking of Super Sentei. Power Rangers is the American version which this film is based on. The audience are gonna be from the American show. Basically, they were changed for the sake of political correctness. Yes, they need bullwhipping. View all replies >