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I just googled this question. You try it with this question: was Michael Jackson ever on the Oprah Winfrey show. Yes, he was! I am going to watch some of them tomorrow. I believe the point she was attempting to make is that not all molestation involves violence. Sometimes it may be someone you love and or admire and are being groomed into believing there is nothing wrong. You may even welcome it because you do not know better. I am thinking maybe Oprah was also Molested. Quite sad Keith Sowell almost did lol. He missed his mommy. Me too! Tonight should give us a clue. This would never be allowed on cable tv. There is a lot of cussing with the big ones lol. I am a Trump supporter but still wanted to watch this show. Season 3 will determine if I will continue watching it. I love Luca and Colin, I think it is hilarious how they are making their parents be so completely backwards from each other. I love the clothes! I wish Elsbeth was more of a regular. I also love Marisa! Just the tip of the iceberg huh? This I can agree with. I love the actress! I just can't stand her character here. Rollins should put in for a transfer to Chicago PD. Lol Unless Tom renounces Scientology it will never happen. I hope they do uncover the whole thing. Darkness can never smother out light. What they do in the dark will be seen one day. Lol. [Spoiler alert] Ilike her as a person, but I do not like Rollins either. Just started season 20 episode 1 and now she is knocked up again! Uugghhh View all replies >