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Not what I expected! Kudos to the guards Just started watching this! Looks like the writer has started! Season 2 possibility Season 2 petition request Still wishing for a Season 2 There will be a Season 3! Season 3 please renew! Season 3 is a must! My opinion of After Neverland View all posts >


@Cuddlebunny909 Are you talking about Rose? You should try again! I am American by way of Spain. That may be another reason this show touched me the way it did. I think I am the only person who has ever created a post for this show. That is why I posted all of the petition stuff. I tell everyone I know about it. But, unfortunately most people are lazy and do not want to watch subtitled movies. Haha I have no familial Asian connection. I have always been drawn that way. The food! The culture just awesome. Have you seen any of the other shows on Netflix? All great! I agree you do NOT need to be a gamer to enjoy this! You are absolutely right! But, if you are, it is so much better (for me) from a gaming background. Yes, I watch it with subtitles. I wish I understood it. I watch a lot of Korean movies. Mostly rom-coms. The ending was just okay for me, but, I wasn't completely disappointed. I still loved it! The acting was phenomenal in my opinion. The storyline was great with a lot of undertone moral things to think about. Dementle is a name that I made up years ago. It is a cross between derangement and being mental. How television programming makes me feel! Lol Here is a petition someone started to request a season 2. Haha thank you Says page doesn't exist... Renewed for Season 3 at CBS. S.W.A.T. now has Season 3 in its crosshairs. ... is one of six CBS dramas to earn renewals on Thursday: I believe you! Thanks again Yes, I read that also! Looks like it has been renewed according to the posts above. I am really happy about this! Thank you! This just made my day! Not showing on IMDB yet, but yay!😁😁😁😁 View all replies >