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I actually dreamed about that scene it was SO cool! In a word, ironic. Yes, it was a fictionalized/fantasy account with the songs worked in as they fit the story, not chronological. The "Crocodile Rock" scene was especially effective. Jimmy Carter, time traveler. "Lassie" and "National Velvet" are beautiful color films from the same time period. Someone also remembered a "pee scene" in the film <i>My Girl</i>, where the friends had a contest of who could go the longest, which is in fact only in the book. I kept thinking throughout the movie...though Johnny was apparently a bit younger than the 19 or so he'd have to be for him to be the product of the affair between his mother and Molly's father twenty years previously...perhaps they got together again a little later, and he was really her half-brother all along...just a thought. Surely it can't have been that bad to watch this wonderful movie again! (And don't call me Shirley.) Know what else is funny? There were a couple of sorta cliché lines in <i>Star Wars</i> to the effect of, "We meet again," and such, that I thought, "He's not gonna really say that," and then he did! At least I'm not the only one! View all replies >