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I only had two or three very slight laughs and couldn't get through it. Very happy happy birthday! Maybe the book explains this? He was from the Boston area. Thanks--a serious level of fandom and a reasonable level of interest in architecture. Something similar occurred on [i]Dr. Quinn[/i], where Sully told Matthew the truth about his father would only hurt and it was best he and the other kids not know. Never is extreme. There are many good examples. My personal theory is Michael Jackson had very bad habits such as not paying his employees. When grifters and gold-diggers came along making up stories, disgruntled employees were all too happy to lend them credence. He did weird stuff such as slumber parties with kids but I don't believe he hurt any child. The baby-dangling thing was bad, though. Kipling should perhaps have spelled the name differently. You need the 1933, 1949, and 1994 to even get what's going on in this version. It was made for people who have read the book and seen all three of these movies. View all replies >