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All my idols are dying, so sad! Me neither nor any full episode of any of his shows. When did everyone first hear this story? Like most of America and probably the world, I never heard this until the leaked cellphone video of a Hannibal Buress standup routine. At the time I thought it was simply a case of a comic trying to be edgy crossing the line not only of good taste but of what might be legal, and looked it up only because I wanted to see if Buress was in trouble for slander, not because I believed anything bad of Cosby. The entire story is complete malarkey. Historical weather data from Sevierville for the Christmas Dolly Parton was 9 shows a high of 73 and a low of 50 degrees. Unless a blizzard hit just their house and nowhere else this story is <i>impossible</i> to have happened! In <i>The Children of Green Knowe</i>, Tolly's age is not mentioned, but it <i>is</i> mentioned that "Granny" is his <i>great</i> grandmother, not his grandmother, so yes Maggie Smith was too young. In <i>The Chimneys of Green Knowe</i>, on which this movie is based, Tolly's age is given as nine, so yes Alex Etel was too old as were the other two children. Jacob and Susan were eight in the book. After reading the first two books, I would say first definitely ghost, second, on which this movie is based, time travel. Mother Nature? The father of some of the kids hiding contraband in stockings was also absolutely identical. Maybe the original king's children were demoted to commoners or he had a lot of illegitimate children who were commoners? I loved Glen Campbell and always thought Kris Kringle looked just like him! The full song aired on FF, Freeform Channel, today. Years ago I was outraged when the entire song was cut to one line on a network airing. I have the DVD but decided to watch on TV today for a better picture. As a child I loved it, as a teenager I realized it was creepy, as an adult I have the ability to recognize it is creepy and still love it. Great song. View all replies >