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Yeah, I noticed the last name and thought the first name's never gonna match. Then later on the first name was revealed and I was like whoa. No idea but loved what they did with the drums there. That's what I was thinking, Fred and Gene were brilliant dancers, but Russ Tamblyn was actually an athlete in a class by himself! Yes, but two really weird things about this movie. Iturbi portrayed someone of his own name and description, essentially playing himself, but the movie has him marrying not only a fictional character played by someone he didn't actually marry, but in real life could NOT have married, as she was divorced! Iturbi being Spanish was presumably Catholic and the marriage would not have been allowed, and if they married in a civil ceremony would not have been recognized by the church. Just such a bizarre scenario. If the film did not inspire "Beat It," it was prophetic in another way in relation to Michael Jackson. Both the phrases "Cracko Jacko" and the infamous "Wacko Jacko" to which Michael so objected are in this film, which came out when Michael himself was just past three years old. The father ended all his letters with a phrase such as, "Whatever God ordains for us is right." Absolutely among the best ever! Correct. My mom also sang it thinking it was nonsense and not realizing a floy floy was an STD. But can Billy possibly have known that? He was very young and from a different country than that slang originated, and in fact knew only one swear word and the other boys had to teach him more. "I think you hit him, Grandpa." (After Grandpa attempts to shoot a rat with a double-barreled shotgun.) "He was limping when he ran off." Then the whole family laughed for like ten minutes. At an Italian POW camp I think in Montana, at the end of the war fights broke out between local women who had come to say good-bye when it turned out some of the prisoners were involved with more than one woman. View all replies >