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They are supposed to be 1,000 miles from Alabama so draw 1,000 miles in every direction and figure which one would be 5,000 miles from Alaska. A wonderful performance which is the heart of this whole film and holds it together. Trip is adorable. I just saw this recently too and agreed, the Riker/chef thing was too weird. Not only was he a time traveler with no explanation, but a master of disguise, as everyone on board should know what chef looked like even if he was one of those characters mentioned but never seen by the audience. Riker would have to hypnotize (or some freaky thing) people (including a Vulcan) to think he was chef, and never mind the ethics of taking someone else's place. And did he have the real chef drugged someplace and wipe his memory so he woke up with missing time? Pretty good! It really sticks with the viewer. Her hair was an unnecessary mess when the Indians' hair was nicely styled. This movie shows how life can be very unfair. Yeah, I was surprised at a professional actor being that bad. He made a very good case for himself. Was anyone else worried about who was feeding the rabbit? View all replies >