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Thanks, I guess girls just mature faster. Glad someone agrees! The movies all pretty much sucked except for Greatest Rescues. Charter #220 it seemed they tried to find the most annoying actors around, particularly the little girl. Couldn't stand it. Friend watching with me said it was the cheesiest ending she'd ever seen on anything. I was impressed on how much money they must have spent flying the planes and the crash. Very sad seeing the squad destroyed (even though it was really an older squad standing in.) Who was too nice here were not the firemen but the IRS! I have a soft spot for the episode of <i>The Honeymooners</i> where Ralph sweats it over being called to see the IRS. (Yes, the plot was done before the <i>Emergency!</i> episode.) I found both episodes utterly unrealistic. The IRS tortured my father for five years, driving him to a heart attack over at most a minor error, spending an astronomical amount to prove he owed a tiny one. This was during the same time frame as <i>Emergency!</i> Maybe part of it just depends on what agents are involved and a couple of the worst went after Dad while the guys on TV had it easy. Maybe it is also how like on TV a major trial is the next week when in real life it takes years. There was one female car crash victim late in the series they did zap and unfortunately it was unsuccessful. An amazing amount of nurses still smoke, doctors possibly not so much. Sorry to report this but as of 2022 that Facebook post is still up. <url></url> I swear Stoker did mention a wife early on but can't name the episode. In the episode where there was a huge fire (not "Brushfire") and they had to save the man trapped under a bulldozer or something--they all climbed a rope up a cliff to escape and left the drug box sitting near where they treated the injured man! The last guy up could have tied the drug box to the rope, pulled it up and saved both items, but noooooo (although granted they were escaping a fire, but still). Leaving the Jaws in the water <i>really</i> bothered me! Those things cost THOUSANDS! Hopefully it was the paramedics' job to rescue the victim and someone else's to get the equipment. Sooo sad and wrong! View all replies >