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why no progress on "trending"? s03e03 truly a masterpiece ava gardner way to go, you amazomorons please add paypal what are the rules? completely underrated!! putting this up front on "trending"... again "calvary's not coming!!!" View all posts >


i have not. i plan on continually contributing. so glad paypal works here now (it helps the site, no?). have *you* finished donating, dora? if so, why? one is not allowed to insult an opponent in a knife fight!!! exactly. i saw it when it was released... the reference in this thread is ho-hum. "castaway" is fucked-up because all it shows (basically) is "the passing of time"... and then the results of having spent so much time... alone. it rarely, if ever, touches on the personal challenges leading-up to the "portrayed results". but you know: cool plane crash -- woohoo!!! AGREED -- it was beautiful! AGREED you cannot reply to yourself, moron. AGREED AGREED! lol... exactly! hahHaaha!! View all replies >