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Another Great Movie from Matin McDonagh Go see this! Roy Dotrice died October 16, 2017 RIP Roy Dotrice This was just on TCM! Worth a watch if you're a Stephen Fry fan. ATM: Let's talk! Very entertaining movie! First post on MC! It's on right now! View all posts >


SPOILERS:I agree strongly with your first statement, this movie is an oddity. I liked it much more than you did though. I just watched it on cable and it was an utter surprise to find a great movie I had never even heard of. Brian Cox and Emile Hersch are pretty big name actors so I can't imagine how I missed it at the theater. I loved the story from the beginning but it did get weak at the end. When they found the cloth with the tooth, I was excited because I really thought they might turn it into some kind of saint story, like an incorruptible corpse of a saint. I don't know, I wished they had tried something really different like that. But they went for another Salem witch scenario. Oh well, I still enjoyed it very much and would recommend it, if only for the terrific cast and direction. 8/10 Me too, Margo! I love that dog! If you have time, check out Stephen King's interview on Nerdette. It's a podcast and they did maybe a 30 minute spot all about corgis. They didn't talk about books or movies, just the dogs. It's an interesting chat. Yes, I recorded it. I've never seen that one either. I always see it on people's lists of favorite movies so I thought I'd give it a shot. I don't know a single thing about it except that it's Japanese. The black and white photography in Onibaba was just beautiful with the sharp focus. Ben Man. said the director, Shindo, was actually an art director before he became a film director so his films have a distinct look. He lived to be 100 and his last film was in 2012! Amazing. SPOILERS: Godewey! Of course, I find you here! I just watched this. I recorded it last weekend and just finished watching it. I haven't seen a lot of Japanese movies but I'm trying. I really liked this one. No it's not horror but that scene where the mom goes down the well to get the mask is pretty horrifying. All those bones! She was the real deal, a serial killer! When she peeled the mask off and the man had all those sores, I thought it would be plague. It went in a totally different direction than I expected. I do like all the scenes with the tall grass, kind of creepy, ala children of the corn. Suspiria was one of the scariest movies I had seen as a kid. It looks a bit silly in parts to me now. My favorite actor in this is Aida Vali. She's great in this. That's an excellent list, but I would also include The Fearless Vampire Killers. I agree. It's so funny and Sharon Tate couldn't be more beautiful. The color is so saturated and interesting. TCM played it the other day and it's been ages since I've seen it. What a pleasure to see this gem again. Yeah! I love this movie and it's been years since I've seen it. I agree! I agree too. I love movies. There's always been bad movies. Be more discerning and support the movies you want to see more of. View all replies >