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No. M3Gan vs Annabelle vs Wednesday. Hmmm..thanks. It DOES sound like "THE WHALE", which I saw, with a friend, which DOES fit that description. On the penis., How about you. Are you like Mike Knowles insulting Greta Thunberg. Respect the safe sPACE. i am not a San Franscisco SJW but you started it. SC Woke this time just for u caUSE YOU STR Go broke. Physically..what about "Runt" in Animaniacs? It's DISNEY. THAT'S why. Let's sing a GAY little Spring song..a HAPPY one.. AGREED..saw it..Jenna Davis as voice M3GAN (sic),too. Very good point. I much prefer the 1971 original thsat I saw then at drive ins.. Coincidence, but her latest ["THE MENU"] character's named Margot.😉 She does. Reall enjoyed it (the vilian gave me a Kevin Spacey creepster vibe..) Sosie (Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick' s daughter) Bacon did a splendid job..with trippy upside down and angled visuals and also trippy electronic sounding music..gaslight masterpiece.. Still number 3 here in the USA. Saw it today. Highly suggested No... It was scary, and very unpredicable, but in a very GRET way..!! I saw it...very thrillind..yeah, indeed more of a drama..I loved the southern belle sis-in law/best friend Mitsie.;. No, neither one was! hot. Of course, we are both based.