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Genuine Season 5 Review (Variety Website) It's Truly a Great "Mood Piece", with an Outstanding Performance and Music, but story is just lacking a bit Wins Oscar, Says All Milk Drinkers Are Evil Why didn't Kubrick Direct this ? Funniest Line Lack of Diversity ? There's already an English Speaking Version of this Compare and Contrast with Once Upon A Time In America Paths Of Glory (1957 Kubrick) is still the best WW1 movie Paths Of Glory is A Great Movie View all posts >


Hahaha, very good He grew up with television movie review shows.... 😃😎✌️ No. It has been confirmed it will end at 6 seasons. In the UK the BBC had a weekly movie review show called "Film xx" (where xx was whatever year it was. It was very well known, like Siskel.and Egbert, was the go to show for movie fans and had the likes of Barry Norman and Jonathon Ross presenting it since the 1970s. About ten years ago it began limping along, with regular revamps, changes to presenters, and seemingly getting pushed further back in the schedules and tucked away. Then last year it finally ended. There is now no comparative show on UK TV. Shame really. I remember when it came out and it largely got very bad reviews, it was a bit of a joke in much of the media really. Funny enough I was rather into movies at the time, but I got the impression I was getting that it was a pervy boring old sex movie. I only saw it for the first time about 5 years ago, and now I would say it is a Great movie, and yes one of Kubrick's best. I agree. It was a Very Strong year this year, any other year in the last decade it would have won at least a few Oscars, and could have swept the board last year. The Irishman is ten times better than ruddy Green Book, or that Sexy Fish story. And Don't get him.started on Milk Drinkers Parasite was all Korean guys. No diversity at all. That was rather special I thought Well well well... How's That for Diversity !! View all replies >