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Replies Confirmed by AMC Some say 6 million, some say 600, whatever, the guy was no good I totally agree. I have just seen it, and can't believe this Very average movie has had such a buzz about it. Very very dull really I just discovered the comedian Norm McDonald last week (I am from the UK and had never heard of him). In the last week I have listened / watched about 80 hours if his stuff, he is great. Extreme patience is one of his 'super' powers. Like the other powers in this trilogy they are on the borderline of being 'super' / realistic. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years or so in prison waiting for the world to provide his escape, if that makes sense. It does make sense to me. The thought of being able to show the world one day that 'super' people exist probably kept him going, as the thought of a changed South Africa kept Nelson going. One thing that doesn't make so much sense to me is the Secret Society apparently been going for 10,000 years. That was the one clunker in the movie for me, doesn't make sense at all to me. Moviechat has done a great job and I m very grateful to them for doing this, but it is sad how little is is used by folk. I thought within a year or so it would have been almost as popular as the old IMDB forums, but you can feel like you are talking to yourself on here. A movie like Glass would have had loads of discussions and views about it in the old days, but since it's release it's only had about 10-20 new threads with only a few getting more than a few comments. Indeed :) Bruno the Moonlighting Overseer. I have just had my second viewing, and I think it's bordering on a Great movie now. I really enjoyed it and I think the various themes of (the power of Human Touch, realising your inner hero, pushing against the 'system', etc) really come through. The humour is generally.nicely done, and the cinematography and music are generally Great. Best time I have had in a cinema since 3 Billboards. Kermode cheered when it was announced as the UK number one movie on his show about twenty minutes ago, and restated how.much he likes the movie. (And he has generally slagged off Shymalans movies in the past) On your general points, yeah I can see some of that. I have actually seen a YouTube reviewer saying they enjoyed Split, but had not seen Unbreakable... I couldn't believe that, but they seemed to be honest. They didn't like Glass, quel surprise. I think a lot of early reviewers were also caught out by the movie, as it certainly was not what many folk were expecting. Personally I am glad that I had read many of the spoilers before seeing it as I think it wouldn't have made much sense on my first viewing otherwise. The fact that so.many early reviews flet the ending was SO bad backs this up for me, they couldn't believe how it would make sense to have the three main characters killed off like that, but to me it makes sense View all replies >