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The first scene is like Gravity Great Trailer does not Equal a Great Movie I don't think it is a Great Movie....But I think it has a Good Chance Of Winning Best Movie Oscar Reminder of the In Depth Film Theory on how Walter White Could have Survived the end of BB Reminder of In depth Film Theory on how Walter Could have survived at end of BB Brad in White Denim... Symbolism Very Odd Movie, teeters on Not Working, but the ending makes it worth while Do you see Brad's Pitt in this ? They Have Finished Filming The Movie, Apparently They Have Finished Filming The Movie, Apparently View all posts >


By far my favourite two "box set" American shows. The Sopranos the 'First' of the modern era and was ground breaking. Breaking Bad feels like the 'Best' of the modern era, a kind of culmination of these long running serials. The Sopranos is hugely entertaining, but can feel.almost soap opera ish when it slows down at points, but it's peaks are fab. Breaking Bad is hugely entertaining, and is, to me, Really focused on its central story of Walt all the way through. Breaking Bad is a 10/10 for me, Sopranos is a 9.9 Or Harry Palms 1. 1 2. 2 3. 5 (part 2) 4. 3 5. 4 6.5 (part 1) I just think the first two seasons were absolutely top class, and I found the original descent of Walter from a normal humble family guy into darkness to be so intriguing. I have often just re-watched those first two seasons since. The show then turned into an almost 'by the numbers' (but brilliantly done) gangster show. Don't get me wrong, I still think it was top class, but it had almost a generic feel...but it had so.many great moments that it was still great. The final season was spectacular, and I have watched that final season almost as many times as the first two. Looks Like "The Hunt For Jesse Pinkman" I really like her character Hugo was great in 3D in the cinema, maybe the second best 3d movie I have seen, after Gravity. Yeah I go with the 90% is Great thing, especially for its time. About 10% are like experiments that didn't work (and are cringey, such as Oh Bla Di). Imagine the first time that people heard the following...(would have been mind blowing)... Tomorrow Never Knows (which is still mind blowing to me today...amazing) Strawberry Fields Helter Skelter We Can Work It Out I am The Walrus Glass Onion Dear Prudence Etc It's definitely Robert Carlyle. It was a brilliant scene. Unfortunately I kept thinking he looked like Jimmy Savlie. I think that's a real possibility. Wisecrack have done a video (May 2019) that talks about this theory, and how Helena is pictured with a toy tiger, as is Domino, and also both interact with prams in a similar way Yes, I think this is a strong implication at the end. Tom and Nicole are chatting for 3 minutes without knowing or seemingly caring where Helena has gone Here's the ending, and the comments is full of discussion about this theory. Just rewatching this movie on Amazon Prime and during that scene, the Trivia says it is Stanley Kubrick making a cameo View all replies >