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Doesn't answer my question, because the SuperFriends & it's spawns from the series were in the 70's, not in the 90's, so my question is still relevant, with the casting of Cheetah in the Wonder Woman film with Gadot & that Wentworth Miller is playing Captain Cold, where is the rest of the legion of Doom, that includes Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, the Riddler, Giganta, & et al ? All I'm getting at is why not accept all of the other portrayals of the character in many forms of media besides the portrayal that this show perceives Jimmy to be ? I just looked up the actors that voiced Jimmy Olsen in the radio series, both actors were white, but it's not about race with me because I know that the actors that voiced black characters in a radio series were both white. What I'm getting at is the dressing as a woman that you brought up, was only in the comic strips that you brought up. That you brought up Surfer-Flash, or goofy Flash for that matter, has Jimmy ever been a surfer or goofy, he may have been in his youth, but is he now ? Does that honor the character ? In all of the other forms of character they never depicted the character in being black & there's no story of how he ended up being black for this series, now is there, not that there's anything wrong with it. All I'm bringing up that when you brought up Nightwing with Superman, that was Dick Grayson's hero persona., not Jimmy Olsen, does that honor Jimmy ? I know that Jimmy is a secondary character, I get that, but that shouldn't matter, what matters to you is that you neglect the other forms of media's portrayal of the character & that's it, end of story. All I'm bringing up is how the other forms of media depict him besides this series, but you don't care about that, do you ? All you care about is bringing up what the comics depict, & bringing up different time periods to explain the character in question & how mature the character is instead of honoring what depictions other forms of media show the character in being, now do you ? I bringing up The Adventures of Superman, talking about the Superman movies, the Superman shows like Lois & Clark, Smallville. Have you ever seen Jack Larson dressing as a woman in the series with G Reeves, M McLure in the Chris Reeves movies, Landes & Whalin in the show with Dean Cain, A Ashmore in Smallville with Tom Welling ? You brought up misrepresenting Flash, right, so is there a need to misrepresenting Jimmy Olsen, no matter if he's secondary or not ? All I'm bringing up is that what may work in the comics, doesn't necessarily work on screen, & you tell me as to how in another universe there's a much older, a more adult black Jimmy Olsen, when the other forms of Media shows Jimmy in a different light then this way in this series ? I know that Jimmy Olsen is a supporting character, but it doesn't matter that he's a supporting character or not, they still have him misrepresented the way that Surfer-bro Aqua Man & Goofy Flash are, right ? So if all three of them are misrepresented, then explain to me why it's right in not honoring the way they are represented in other forms of media ? It has nothing to do with being racist, what I'm getting at is that this show doesn't take into consideration at all of the characters that this show has & doesn't honor them they way they were once depicted. That's what I'm getting at, it has nothing to do race, it has to do with honoring the history of the character. It doesn't matter if Perry White is black or not, what I'm getting at is that race is not the issue. To me what matters is that when in all other forms of portrayal, that is what should matter, not changing them into what they never were ? Like in soaps, I get that Days Of Our Lives had a gay guy to cheat on his husband because they needed to play out the resurrection of the character once he had been offed, but the writers fail to take into consideration that the affair the character would never have gone through with because of his childhood, now did they ? The same here, they don't take into consideration with this show of how all of the other portrayals, this show doesn't honor that, now did they ? With what I read is that Action Comics & Superman was declining in the Fifties. Action Comics first put Superman in the comics in 1938 & into the 40's & then Superman & Action Comics were declining in the 1950's. Yes, Jimmy may have been dressing as a woman on multiple occasions, I merely thought that he was using himself as bait by dressing as a woman, heck, it was even used in a Laverne & Shirley episode, where Shirley passed herself off as an elderly man to help take down Charles Pierce in the episode. So if one universe one Jimmy Olsen was decades older than the other one, then explain as to how Jimmy was white in the comics & white in the television world with Larson, Michael Landes, Whalin & Ashmore & Huntington, but in the one who's decades older is black, is a little farfetched, isn't it ? When Superman comic strips was added in newspapers in 1939, color Sunday version was added that November with Siegel delegating the Sunday strips to ghostwriters, in 1941 the readers estimated 20 million. When Schuster passed the strips to Wayne Boring, then in 1949 to 1956 it was passed to Win Mortimer, the strip ended in 1966. Could it be that having Jimmy dressing as a woman caused hat strip to end in 1966 ? The issues that he dressed as a woman in the comics could easily be explained that he was going incognito or a ruse to bring any enemy down. That doesn't make him a crossdresser, now does it ? How is there an alternate universe in this show when Super-Girl is Superman's cousin, therefore, having his world that he had shows that it doesn't fall far from the tree ? Since when has Jimmy Olsen is considered to be a James Bond knockoff for this series ? Especially when it was never explained as to how & why he would act this way for this series. I kind of doubt that Jimmy Olsen cross dressed in the comics because of the time frame of the comics, it would be verboten, ( Forbidden ) to allow kids to be exposed that, don't you think ? Jack Larson played Jimmy Olsen in the TV series with George Reeves, in the movies with Christopher Reeve, Jimmy Olsen was played by Marc McClure, with Routh, Sam Huntington played Jimmy Olsen, Aaron Ashmore played Jimmy in Smallville, so you tell me as to how Jimmy was a female in movies ? Heck, even Michael Landes & Justin Whalin played Jimmy Olsen with Dean Cain in Lois & Clark, did he not ? Changing into werewolf or a turtle or whatever was the powers of the character that went by the name of The Changeling, so you tell me as to how Jimmy Olsen morphed into those animals ? So with Larson, McClure, Huntington & Ashmore, Landes & Whalin, all white, wouldn't people question how Jimmy turned black with this series ? View all replies >