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Umm...The Stewart TDS was waaaay better than the Kilborne version. So there's that. Also, it's possible that riffing on old movies is different than reporting on current events. I mean it's not like Nancy Pelosi has brainwashed Joel, has enslaved him, and has him producing an army of Donald Trump/KKK/Nazi hunting Crowbots...oops I've said too much. Björling, no contest I don't really miss them. I now have more films on my PLEX server than my video store ever had. And they are all things I am interested in and I can watch them whenever I want. Approx. what year was it made? Good choices! Carole Landis About 2 weeks ago from Amazon I bought "His Girl Friday" (1940) on Criterion Bluray, which also includes "The Front Page" (1931) on Bluray as a bonus. I also bought "Sweethearts on Parade" (1930), a late silent starring the delightful Alice White! Yes, they are my two least favorite ones. Although I would like to see Gazorpazorpfield get his own show. Paths of Glory (1957) All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) The Big Parade (1925) To be or not to be (1942) Catch-22 (1970) I will someday...I see it's twice as long. I like the efficiency of Hawks. View all replies >