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Greenscreening in Season 5 Not Enough Manson How is Manson depicted? Which girl is hottest? A REAL SUPERHERO, NOT A CGI ONE Praying.... Superbad ripoff, this time with chicks Wishing Horrid beyond belief Season 5 Part 2 is up on Netflix View all posts >


What's your beef with Kevin? He worked with Robert Altman for Tanner '88 and did fine in it. The only other screen credit I know him from would be Steel Magnolias. The Muppet Movie 😂 What's the matter? You don't like the towering Redwoods of Northern California as the forest moon of Endor? Thanks for that. I just went to Twitter to see if Jason Bateman had said anything as he seems to have fond memories of working on Valerie/The Hogan Family. He hasn't issued a new tweet since August 1st. Disappointed. Interesting to hear, though I never would have pegged Scorsese as a fan of Second City sketch comedy. Maybe he thought the Taxi Driver parodies were funny, or "Jerry Lewis Live at the Champs Elysees Directed by Martin Scorsese". His George Harrison documentary goes into a wealth of detail about the musician without rehashing the familiar Beatles lore. Ya never know, Popcorny. Thanks! You are really boring me putting these "Top Five Performances" on several different older stars. That's a subjective appraisal. You don't even offer your readers the courtesy of telling folks why you think these are the top performances. I.don't do "lists" and frankly regard them as a little bit vulgar, the pasttime of retards. PLUS-not one of these stupid mutherfuckers has put "The In-Laws" (1979) on their top five! I think you're thinking of the wrong Psycho movie. Psycho 2 was not a direct to cable movie but a theatrical release that was a modest hit in '83. You might be thinking of Psycho: The Beginning with Olivia Hussey and Henry Thomas as a young Norman. That was not a theatrical release but a pay cable original. View all replies >