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Yes I have a problem with these tweaks designed to make the film even more family-friendly than it already is. Does everything have to be sanitized with Disney? Touchstone produced a number of R-rated movies that should be readily available on Disney+ because not everybody who watches it is a child. I personally would love to see Down and Out in Beverly Hills again but that would never happen right now. I'm sure many people would love to see one of Touchstone's biggest hits, Pretty Woman.I have had Disney+ for two months and initially enjoyed it until I noticed it has very limited content and doesn't refresh its library often. That coupled with the self-censorship of Disney's own movies make me question whether or not I will continue to subscribe to it. If you listen to the commentary, Veronica Cartwright says her character literally dies of fright, perhaps a heart attack. Since that would be difficult to convey, the way it's edited makes it seem we cut away from Cartwright right before the alien attacks. Not seeing her death onscreen makes it seem even more disquieting. We must pray it bombs on a gargantuan scale. These juvenile comic book trash movies will continue to glut our multiplexes as long as they keep making money. I just rewatched the first 53 episodes from the Fox days. No matter how many times I've seen them, I always feel like it's fresh everytime I see it. I still discover hidden jokes or sight gags I never noticed before. Now I'm reviewing the Season 4 Remix. Even though Hurwitz and his editors have meticulously tried to recreate the manic vibe of the original Fox incarnation, there's still something noticeably off about it. The major flaw would be that it just isn't funny except for the occasional clever joke. The first 53 episodes have served as instant Prozac for me for years, but I can't say the same for the Netflix seasons. This season 4 (in its original 2013 form and its remix) is way too plot-heavy. If not for Ron Howard's narration, audiences (even die-hard devotees)would be totally lost on the plot--a 180 degree shift from the original Fox days where, no matter what may be happening in the story, the plots don't ultimately matter and we don't have to pay too much attention to them. It's still smart television but you can see the series beginning to wheeze, a bit like if you compare the Woody Allen of "Love and Death" with his later "Wonder Wheel". He sho du luuk lik a billygoat Flood My Pink Pussy Stick It In Me Kramer Vs. Kramer He's good at blow jobs. That's how he's stayed on the air (I have proof) All of America hates him. Only the French-speaking provinces of Canada love him. You sure are right on! Deep Throat Behind the Green Door Bedknobs and Broomsticks View all replies >