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Can John C Reilly survive? Director's cut version vs. Original theatrical cut "Sleepover" returns! Brie's teen years burned on celluloid forever! You know it's dead when Oprah is added to the cast Cher's nude scene singing ""Fernando" Too Jewishy or too Mormony? Thoughts on Season 5 Poor little Ronny Howard Highly recommended if you are fans of either or both Please stop View all posts >


It looks amazing on Bluray. Hope for an even better edition on 4K one day Dont think so. Have no intention of wasting my time and money on another 3D CGI fest from James Cameron. Sorry. A movie's merit cannot be evaluated on whether or not it flopped. Thank God the cinephiles at Criterion had a different conception and opted to add Heaven's Gate to their estimable library. Nicely worded! 👍👍 Nor is Roseanne, dipwad. Stop vomiting up the filth you hear in the hysterical US corporate media which made a mountain out of a molehill. What are you talking about?! Frank's eyes are normal! What have you done to him, you MANIACS!! Nope,'s actually a pretty interesting film despite (or perhaps because) of its notorious reputation. Yup, it's got flaws, but I'll take a flawed masterpiece like Heaven's Gate over any of your La-La Lands today. Go burrow your nose in history books about the Johnson County war all you want. Rubbish. There is a God! Hallelujah! View all replies >