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Talentless, ugly, and shallow How do you guys feel about Trump being removed digitally? ? What's gonna happen to her boobs? How much Goldie? Sexy and funny Funny satire but why that title? When will Satan come to take this demon down to hell? I am thankful to this movie because... I hear he is a quadroon Lead actors going through puberty View all posts >


How does one redeeem oneself for starting a war on false pretenses and killing over one million Iraqis in a barbarous act of imperialistic savagery? You must have Obama's uncanny ability to "look forward, not backward." Ellen Degeneres is still wondering why she got a furious backlash for watching a ballgame with the sonofabitch war criminal. 7 years later, "poem", so you should be 48. Are you still a self-righteous prick? wow. you really sound like you think you know what you're talking about. I'm white and hardly benefitted from it in the 80's. How well-read are you? Or are you just reading the Cliffs Notes version of Yuppiedom? What's the problem? How many children shows do you know that dealt with "the Change"? It's a natural part of life women experience. I'm glad the show felt its viewers mature enough to handle the subject matter but presented in such a way that any eight year old might understand it. OMG! we're thinking on the same wavelength! Can't stand the hack! Retirement 🤣🤣🤣😂 I thought every one of her songs was about how it sucks to break up with your boyfriend and how she's so much better than they are. The bot slimone has another alias. The terrible writing style gives you away. If you like MK ULTRA robots View all replies >