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Netflix has reboot already in production! Just made AFI list in top 100 Comedies!! Most Likely to be Satan's Bride: A Contest He sure does make one hell of an ugly broad Oscar nominations for Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates What will happen to him when the Revolution comes? Prime Video Version: Just Say No! I STAND WITH ROMAN I loved him on St. Elsewhere Who was hotter Scott or Willie Aames? View all posts >


Yes it is Really??!! Who's stupider? Bartholemew or the Corey Feldman lookalike? The Corey Feldman boy has that unflattering shot in which he is having his hair shampooed in papier maché but displays not the slightest visible reaction. Bartholemew looks like he would have been hot naked with those golden locks and sexy body. Yup Somebody needs to tell this writer that the #MeToo movement is dead and buried thanks to COVID-19, and nobody cares about the "troubling aspects" of comedies like Nerds, Porky's, or Animal House. It's hip once again to use cameras to spy on girls undressing. It's also OK now for girls to show beaver like they used to do back in the olden days. 😃😃😃 Her nice gal schtick is wearing thin. Her mask is beginning to fall. I'm loving every minute of it He was hot in thwt Blue Lagoon ripoff he made with Phoebe Cates, Paradise That means you win a free blow job. That was my offer above to.whoever could name the film Boogie Nights was referencing Pretty lazy View all replies >