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Season 5 Part 2 is up on Netflix Nasty boy? With all due respect to Gene & Gilda, this was BAD "Stranger Things" Rip-off? This is typical Can John C Reilly survive? Director's cut version vs. Original theatrical cut "Sleepover" returns! Brie's teen years burned on celluloid forever! You know it's dead when Oprah is added to the cast Cher's nude scene singing ""Fernando" View all posts >


Really? Nobody cares about AD anymore? Have the Netflix seasons truly tarnished the legacy of this brilliant show irreversibly? From Zardoz we learned this bit of sex ed touchingly apropos for the #Metoo era: Penic erection was one of the many unsolved evolutionary mysteries surrounding sexuality. Every society had an elaborate subculture devoted to erotic stimulation...Sexuality declined probably because we no longer needed to procreate. Eternals soon discovered that erection was impossible to achieve. And we are no longer victims of this violent, convulsive act which so debased women and betrayed men. Well I can't speak for most of these moviechat bumpkins fixated on superhero trash, but I really love it even if I have to admit the dialogue and plotting could be significantly more clever. Chevy Chase & Goldie had great chemistry here and in Foul Play. Other plusses: the reliably amusing Charles Grodin, that comfy Brentwood home, and, of course, chicken pepperoni!! Youre both kinda stupid with your lib vs. conservative/Dem vs GOP garbage. Americans will not be free until they transcend the paradigm of these two worthless parties and seek Truth elsewhere. It will NEVER happen inside your duopoly. I know what you mean. I was drawn to it because of those strange and mysterious wordless teasers Prime Video would sometimes show. I didn't make it past the third episode once I saw the basic set-up and could anticipate where it's going next. The humor is "whimsical" but never funny or witty and never insightful about marriage, death, or anything else. The blah tone is supposed to be ironic, I suppose, but who would ever want to spend time with this boring couple in life or in death? People who libel others--living or dead--without proof deserve the same. Better be sure you know what you're talking about before making those accusations. Watching a 4 hour doc with lurid details proves nothing. Wow! The stupid people on this board is through the roof! Russian and Chinese aid is being accepted freely. They dont want US aid for obvious reasons. People .like yourself only believing the best in America are pitiable lickspittles to leaders who don't give a damn about you or the people of Venezuela. Turn off the boob tube What do you think is happening in Venezuela? The US is attempting an undisguised coup against its democratically elected leader to install a right-wing puppet so that the US can control the greatest oil reserves on the planet. That's the reality of what's happening. Fools like yourself also believed Afghanistan and Iraq were behind 9/11, that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction", that Libya deserved to be reduced to ruins because Gaddafi was about to commit genocide against his own people, and that Bashar Al-Assad was gassing his own citizens. How many times do these same lying scenarios have to be played out for you Americans to wake up to the reality of your own sack of shit scumbags in Washington of both parties? I wouldn't say that's the only good thing that came out of 1941, but Spielberg says in the early 90's Laserdisc doc The Making of 1941 (appended to all current American Blu Rays of the film) that he prefers the 1941 March to John Williams' far more famous Indiana Jones March. View all replies >