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Which girl is hottest? A REAL SUPERHERO, NOT A CGI ONE Praying.... Superbad ripoff, this time with chicks Wishing Horrid beyond belief Season 5 Part 2 is up on Netflix Nasty boy? With all due respect to Gene & Gilda, this was BAD "Stranger Things" Rip-off? View all posts >


Horseshit Whore. Are you on the payroll of the marketing department? Well, it's a lot of fun to watch when you're stoned (e.g., Chili offering a joint directly into the camera). You just break out into hysterics when the alpha male who barked orders to everybody else suddenly gets his eyeball gouged out. I've got a boner for those 3D movies presented in 2D. I don't have to see it to know it will suck. I'm gonna stick with Bob Clark's effective and creepy original. Sorority girls who kick ass just doesn't do anything for me. No it isn't. It flopped at the box office despite a near-unanimous positive critical reception. That 84 Metacritic is what made me want to see it but I felt like a fool afterward. Studios were undergoing restructuring and a number of huge flops (Sorceror, 1941, most notably Heaven's Gate) led to studio execs reasserting control over directors. Alan Ladd Jr, who had greenlit several Altman projects, was gone by the early 80's from Fox which meant Altman lacked one of his greatest protectors. Due to the studio shake-up , Altman's "HEALTh" was never given any official release. The types of movies Altman wanted to make were no longer in demand by studios infected with high concept moviemaking in the manner.of Spielberg. Altman went off and directed independently produced films, many of them based on plays (Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Streamers, Fool for Love, Secret Honor, Beyond Therapy). Some of the projects were better than others. Altman's HBO miniseries he collaborated on with Garry Trudeau "Tanner '88" got a lot of postive critical praise at the time. So throughout the 80s he was working on largely independent projects with modest budgets and didn't really emerge from it until The Player's success in '92. Still love Altman. I got into his stuff heavily in late 80's when he was still in his "Wilderness" phase. My favorite American director hands down. You're a twit and don't know what you're talking about. Lots of stupid people on this board who know nothing of Assange or this case. They parrot imbecilities they heard from late-night comedians who are in lockstep with the State Dept. And the CIA. I feel sorry for Brits who look like bootlickers willing to obey the dictates of Washington.The whole fucking lot of them can drop dead for all I'm concerned. ASSANGE AND MANNING ARE HEROES LIKE IT OR NOT View all replies >