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i agree! I'm rewatching it now and stand by every word I wrote about it in the original post. it has so many good things in it that it makes me weep when it starts to go awry. Thanks for an intelligent and well-worded reply! Doesn't everybody go full frontal in Bully except perhaps Michael Pitt who was a bit pudgy in those days? His work on SCTV remains my favorite material with Martin Short. He really brought a manic energy to that show after a few of the cast members had been lured out to.Hollywood in the early 80's. He was often used poorly in movies, I believe. I had never seen Inner Space until last year. I was hoping Short would be able to take off into wild physical comedy, but his performance is undermined by the Spielbergian special effects common in that era. I have chuckled at some of his work on Jiminy Glick. I even enjoyed that show he did on tour with Steve Martin from a couple of years ago. Haven't you ever wondered how hung Macaulay is? Women find him devastating. You know he's not ten anymore, don't you? We're talking about a middle-aged man. Roy Scheider, Max Wright, and David Marguiles all appeared the same year as Last Embrace in Fosse's All That Jazz. Amen Thanks I appreciate the suggestion. Ignorant sonofabitch. View all replies >