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I never understood the Skids and Mudflaps accusations, because like you i've heard all sorts of ethnicities speak and act like that, so reflecting that shouldn't be an issue. He got accused of racism in the first Transformers movie as well, when they are battling Skorponok in the desert, they try to ring up their superiors but end up going through an Indian call centre, and people complained about the portrayal of the call operator......... THATS EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE FFS?!?!?!?!!!?? No we weren't. A few of us had heard of each other on other boards, but invariably the united dislike/like of a movie was what drew people together. I was on the other side for Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys and Taudarian and others were not there for those "battles". Prometheus drew us together because of people like YOU that gamely tried to defend its utter stupidity, it became more about the excuses you defenders would concoct that kept us there, it was an underground mine that had a never ending seam of entertainment until the boards were shut down. If it wasn't for people like you Spanners, we'd have migrated off to some other board months before, but you kept on coming back, again and again. That you think we were responsible for the message boards shutting down shows you didn't frequent the more problematic boards like religion that really were a cesspit, with the likes of Navaros and Knight in Black Leather, and then you had others that would go on rampages until they were deleted, only to make another account just to do it all over again. Prometheus is a crap movie, with characters that defy just how stupid humans can be..... and you still can't defend it ;) I think your grasp on facts is geared toward your position. Yes, The Last Jedi made $1.3 Billion, and that's no small amount of money to dismiss. However, what absolutely cannot be dismissed, is the $700million The Last Jedi lost. The Force Awakens made just over $2Billion. Considering TLJ is supposed to be a continuation of the story that Force Awakens started, it doing $700million less than Force Awakens is cause for concern. You could say that nostalgia was why Force Awakens did so well, or that it re-trod the "A New Hope" storyline, and played it safe, either way, no-one predicted that its sequel would LOSE $700million. To put TLJ into perspective, if it dropped a mere $14million, its loss would have been the equivalent of Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office...... that's how much it lost! And then soon after, Solo was released and we all know how that one played out. The excuse of "Star Wars fatigue" is quite evidently bollocks!!! Marvel have released 23 movies as part of their MCU in ten years, so that excuse just doesn't work. Inspite of your correct claims that the ratings for TLJ are quite high, you yourself should be pouring your own measure of doubt upon them when you take into account how much money TLJ lost. TLJ should have been either very close to beating Force Awakens, equalling it, or even beating it...... as is the pattern of most other sequels in recent years. TLJ got no-where near close. Its true that a lot of people appeared to like TLJ, but considerably less liked it because they didn't bother to go see it over its prequel. No one is making "stuff up". There is a clear pattern here that TLJ has been poorly received by enough people that it lost $700million, and that also had a knock on effect on Solo which outright bombed. You can't ignore those stats whilst bleating "but the ratings!"..... "thank you daughter" I actually joined the Empire online forum because of Taken! I was that incensed by Dan Jollins review, saying that the movie was full of racist bile, it seems you can't have bad guys unless they are white and English or American these days. Absolutely piss poor review, seeing things that just was not there. You assume thats so, the fact is many of them would have pulled out dollars out their pockets to pay to see it, no-one judges a movie via a crappy cam copy ffs! Called this one. Now at $359million and out of the domestic top ten, no way is this hitting $400million now. Sure it will draw a profit, but I think Warner Bros was expecting a bit higher opening based on the reviews. Not a bad movie, but utterly hamstrung by its release date. Your "argument" is asinine. There has NEVER been a movie like this, and that also goes for how the box office will tail off. Its hardly the "worst of times" when you consider that Endgame is likely to top Avatar and do it in a fraction of the time. It is $304million away from besting Avatar. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for ANY movie, even Endgame, to maintain a stratospheric box office and not have steep drops once the majority of people have seen it. There was nothing to spoil in Avatar, you'd have to retell the entire movie to "spoil" it, but Endgame had specific moments in that could affect the desire to see it if they were spoiled, hence the clamour to see it so soon. If you were genuine about your box office, you'd address this, but you don't, which is why people treat you with derision. Scott Mendelson isn't very're a "lite" version of him..... thats some boast! Why don't you throw in another few faux "stay tuned" or any of the other mental phrases you use in an attempt to bolster yourself? And when it does beat Avatar...... we can rely on you to post a thread with something negative to say, because yet again, you can't predict anything it seems. Not so cool now are they? Did you know that Captain Marvel is now showing on more screens than Shazam! is? Chris Evans. Want to know who i'd rather play Captain America over Chris Evans? No-one!! I don't care that Chris Evans is an SJW, I just care that the roles he takes, he makes his best efforts, and Chris Evans has done that with Cap and theres no-one i'd replace him with. Captain Marvel 2 is going to happen, Brie Larson will be in the title role, and shes bound to say something between now and then that gets up someones nose. But to pretend that Captain Marvel wasn't a success is just sour grapes. It was no Ghostbusters(2016) 2/2 View all replies >