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Awesome cameo in the first end credits scene Captain Marvel Endgame bump is bigger than expected Saw it this evening in the UK....... Saw it this evening with my son...... Billion Dollars - Banked $400million... Wonder Woman Box Office now beaten... Tesseract Saw it last night in the UK........ Transformers might just be saved. Tickets booked...seeing tonight View all posts >


The guy reading the news in the credit scene? You have nothing worthwhile critiquing. Same old spanners, same old tired excuses. As for trolls and socks, you wish ;) Not likely, for a start the end credits scenes of Spider-Man still tie it to the MCU, its at $635million already, and its going to get close to a billion for sure. Amazing Spider-Man 2 did $708million over its entire run, Far From Home is in its second week and nearly bested it already. I think Sony/Amy Pascal would be monumentally stupid to screw around with Spider-Man now, leave it be in Marvels hands and reap the rewards. Yeah, fuck your strong female characters Tim, we don't need them, because we don't like them in our manly movies......they scare us! What? Terminator franchise has had a strong female character since it was first created? Yeah but nobody likes Terminator 1 & 2 did they? Oh, they did, they are beloved classics. So..... what the hell are you on about Tim??? It will get a sequel regardless, its in profit at the Box Office, it just didn't make as much as Warners hoped, but that was entirely down to when it was released and less to do with the quality of the movie as most people seemed to like it. I thought it was OK. So, a question for you. Do you think Disney want to release those Avatar sequels, or do you think they'll pass? As for him being past his prime, this is the same director that made Titanic and Avatar, you know, those box office MONSTERS. Sure, you can say "but they were not great", but the likes of Disney will simply see Camerons ability to make dollars, and I think they might just be a bit more enthusiastic and interested in keeping him happy. Here in the UK it was: Terminator Dark Fate, The Lion King, Hobbs & Shaw, Jumanji: The next level I like her in the role, she doesn't act like a typical "damsel". And you think Captain Marvel was a popular character? Shazam! sank because of the stupid release date, sandwiched between Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. No idea what Warner Bros were thinking, had they released it as an August release, it would likely have done much better. All I heard was "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...people dont agree with me and they are mean." Same old spanners, isnt it time you had another breakdown and took a sabbatical from here? :) View all replies >