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The cast had great potential, all decent actors....... but it was the script that let them down. I guess you could say the actors let themselves down, because they put working with Ridley Scott and being in an Alien movie above actually checking out the script. It's a shame because when Ridley is on form, he directs stuff like The Martian which I found to be excellent. He's not just mourning the "death" of Data, he's also mourning the fact that had Data survived, he likely would have been decommissioned because of the ban on synthetics, so either way, Data, through no fault of his own, was destined to die. Sure, early in TNG Picard wasn't what you would call a friend to Data, but by the end of the series and the movies, Picard had learnt so much about him, and kinda came to the conclusion that Data was as "human" as anyone he'd met, and he's never forgotten that Data made the ultimate sacrifice so Picard could live, and here he is moping around his chateau, waiting to die. Didn't strike me as woke either. The hammering its getting from some of the usual suspects on Youtube, can't take them seriously, at this point they just want to get them sweet likes and subs. For a first episode, I quite liked it, I just wish they didn't make Picard seem so old and fragile, he's lost some of his sterness and directness, maybe they will return when he is running a ship again, I hope so at least. "It matters when it comes to "wokeness," obviously." Not really. "Mexicans are the flavor of the month for the "woke" crowd, because of the woke crowd's asinine endorsement of illegal immigration, most of which comes from Mexico." Yeah, that insular American attitude, doesn't do anything around the rest of the world, literally, Mexican or Italian, makes ZERO difference to the rest of the world. "Not even close to "about as woke as it got." Many examples of wokeness have already been posted in this thread, with the most blatant example being the replacement of John Connor with a Mexican chick." At this point, I think you have bigger problems than perceived "wokeness" "Your mere gainsaying is dismissed." By who? You? Oh that's adorable, sweet child. "I didn't see the TX as female. If you did that just means you're easily confused. Did you see the T1000 as female? It took two different female forms in T2 (Sarah Connor and John's foster mother). How about the Terminator in T1? It impersonated Sarah Connor's mother over the phone. People tend to use pronouns like "he" and "she" for them simply based on their appearance, but anyone with half a brain knows that machines don't have a sex." It's being adorable again! Yes we know Terminators don't have a sex, but they present as one and largely stick with it for the movie, which means, it wasn't an entire womanly woke fest as you claimed, unless Arnold came across as particularly feminine to you in the movie? I would point out "disguises", but you're on such a roll with your T-1000 revelations, I don't want to disappoint you! "Your tacit answer of "no" to the question is noted." You have a problem noting sarcasm and seeing things that aren't there lol "Your non sequitur is dismissed. Also, your trailer-park-level of "skill" when it comes to sarcasm is laughable." Oh NOW you can see sarcasm, your last attempt wasn't so great! "Yes, really, else I wouldn't have said it, obviously." I don't automatically come to the conclusion you have that much control over it. "Not even remotely." And yet to others she is. "All of that can be done without turning into a poor man's John Matrix. She was acting perfectly normal at the gas station at the end of the movie." Probably because she's pregnant and wants to be all maternal and protect her baby? And also, the Terminator was killed, for the moment, she has a brief respite from it. "A fighter pilot is a combat soldier, obviously, and it's a particularly dangerous form of combat at that, considering all the HKs flying around. It's not as if she was running an air charter service for tourists." Not in the conventional sense they ain't, and you know it. It's also a pretty ridiculous form of combat that still exists in Terminator Salvation, no aircraft should be flying, period. "That's not how chicks work." Your sheltered life with women doesn't qualify for knowing how "chicks work" champ. FFS did you keep a straight face when you typed that shit out? "Is that a joke? They gave his role in the story to a chick, i.e., he was replaced. Ironically, by doing so, they established that she's worthless, because if John Connor can be killed and replaced, then so can she." Well done, you're getting it. Its a catch-22 situation, they fight and lose, they die. They fight and win, and become irrelevant in a different future where they are no longer the saviour. Did it take you long? Yup, its the most egregious mistake of Rise of Skywalker. Vaders sacrifice turned out to be entirely undone. Well, to be fair, he's not the only person to "fall down" an endless hole in the ground. cough *Palpatine* cough Seems to be a lot of it about. I don't think you understand the message that this movie was trying to convey. Judgement Day is ALWAYS going to happen, because an AI system will ALWAYS go rogue when it realises that humans are the problem. It always used to be about Skynet, but this movie solved the issue with how Skynet kept coming back again and again, but have it be another AI. Now that obviously sounds weak to some, but in reality, how many companies around the world TODAY are working on AI and trying to improve it? It's not going to be just one company. And from a conception point of view (and maybe a forewarning to us in the real world about just how far we develop AI), successive AI systems getting so clever is not a stretch in story telling terms. Yes I accept that some feel T2 was the end of the series, and i'm fine with that view, some others wanted it to continue. But just a headsup, Carl didn't get married, he didn't start a family, and he "settled down" in so much as he tried to blend in now that his mission was over, because he can't self Terminate. "3 female leads. Kyle Reese and John Connor have been she-booted." No they haven't, none of the events in Dark Fate change that they both existed in the time line, John Connor is no longer important because the war after Judgement Day he was due to fight and lead the resistance, no longer happens. "Butch gender neutral looking one talks, walks and acts like a man." In an apocalyptic future, where its a dog-eat-dog world, where law and order has broken down, do you really think women are keen to look as attractive as possible? You'd be bitching if she looked like a super model, so they can't win either way can they? "Diminutive minority one replaces white man as leader of human resistance." Hold up, you're telling me Mexicans are a "minority"? Theres over 140million of them FFS, some "minority!" And she hasn't replaced John Connor as the human resistance, because the war John was destined to fight in, no longer happens. "Every human male character is an expendable moron." Not much of a change since the first two Terminator movies then. "Arnie has been cucked." Thats one train of thought, but you at least understand why? "I wish you weren't so white". Yeah, i've heard 2 people say that, I didn't hear it, but if it was said, then it is indeed a stupid line. "Illegal immigrants referred to as prisoners. Someone is punched in the face for referring to them as detainees." I'm not sure what the issue is here. Is it the suggestion that Border Patrol are a bunch of dehumanising gits? "Illegal immigrants freed from their cages." As a diversion to try and confuse the REV9, i'm not sure why this is an issue either? "Villain stalks the protaganists in a Border Patrol uniform." Because that was the last time he needed to be in disguise, after that it was largely irrelevant, because his cover was blown now that Carl was able to single him out. "Did I miss anything? Enjoy your chick flick/wokefest" You must be a hoot at parties! "So a Terminator that's married being a cuck to a single mother raising someone else's kid" At no point did Carl say they were married, which would have introduced a whole load of other problems with officialdom. Carls mission had finished, he clearly wasn't programmed by Skynet on what to do should he succeed, so now, its still "alive", doesn't need to kill anymore, and is simply blending in, and given much time to think about what he did, is in part why he saved his "son" from being killed. He's an internal decorator to stay under radar as much as possible, he can't self terminate, he can't just go sit in a corner until his power cells fade. "humanity's leader being a latina with an accent on top" I'm still confused why her being a Latina or Italian or anything other than American is such a problem for people. "that likes to complain how people are "too white" isn't woke?" I didn't hear her make that comment, but if she did, then thats quite clearly a stupid comment in the movie to make. " What are you on dude? This is the wokest movie I've seen in my entire life." Really? So its more woke than Ghostbusters 2016, Doctor Who and Charlies Angels??? "Still an enjoyable movie tough" Huzzah, agreement on something I suppose. View all replies >