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Last half hour is worth the price of admission Those poor monkeys! I just got told I "sound like a white man" for not liking The Last Jedi Whatever happened to her? People complaining about the runtime So far, do you prefer the new Disney canon or the original EU? Can someone explain Snoke? The final scene demonstrates what's most important about Star Wars... What the hell was the killer's motivation? (Spoilers) Was AMC threatened by advertisers to tone the violence down? View all posts >


Watched it live, which I'm glad I did. I was able to savor the experience that way, and re-watch the previous week's episode before each new one to catch any details I might have missed. Exactly. On the one hand, it was intended as an insult to white men, but on the other hand the implication is that anyone who isn't a white man would love the film without question, which is also insulting and a huge, demonstrably false assumption. I don't understand this bizarre way of thinking. I am indeed a white man. I guess that's why I sound like a white man. A female "feminist" friend. That's a lotta "f's". The Last Jedi was rubbish. Every Disney movie is "the best one yet". It's their marketing tactic. The Last Jedi was also "The best Star Wars yet!" and we know how that turned out. Removing the gore made the show boring! Sure, they could have toned it down, but they just got rid of it completely! Back to the Future 2 and 3 were also shot concurrently. Bring. Back. The. Gore. Even if the writing sucks, the gore kept it fun and gave the show its edge. It used to feel like anything could happen. Now it just feels sanitized. View all replies >