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[–] hownos (1241) 4 hours ago then leave _________________________________ Thanks, I'll take your advise, "everyone" and don't let the door....bla bla... yeah, well, she's never empty handed, lol trending area, all posts about old TV and movies nobody cares about anymore that were started 2-4 and 6 months ago with a couple of new replies, if you go to NCIS the last post was a week ago, the post before that was a month ago and the one before that was 2 months ago, all the TV shows are like that, and most movies, I'm not taking credit for that remark, that's Emo Phillips, super dry funny comedian especially when it's your turn to treat Another dumb idiom, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" why not? if it's diseased, I don't want it. another dead post another dead post what has the pool got to do with the ending? ahhhh, another dead post I like the twists View all replies >