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Same boat here, used to love the original the most, no questions asked, but over 2 decades I have also moved towards enjoying Reloaded the most. The music, the atmosphere, the dialogue, set pieces, graphics, characters, locations, everything about it has survived the test of time. Because the Matrix itself is literally computer generated graphics, I didn't mind that at all. The Matrix has hardware limitations, just like a real life computer and computer network. When Smith goes all out on Neo and yells "more" and we see Neo spin around fighting several dozen Smiths, he looks totally computer generated--and that is because the Matrix is doing its best to render so many actions in the same place simultaneously. I think I like Reloaded the most, they did a great job with the freeway scene and the Mega City backdrop, and at the very least it definitely has the best music of the 3 current films. Great scene with Neo and the Oracle, Neo and the Architect, as well. Interesting. I always just assumed Smith was the result of the One coming into his own; the opposite of the One. If Neo is a 1, Smith is the 0. Binary code. 1 = Alive, 0 = Dead, 1 = On, 0 = Off. Etc. Obviously, Smith's character's actor returned because the audience absolutely loved him in the first movie, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy he was further praised. I'll check it out. Not sure about the set on earth part, I wonder when it takes place? Yeah, unfortunately the movie does not really portray her as addicted, only obsessed with having sex once a day or a few times a week with someone other than her husband, because he clearly did not fulfill her needs. It was cheating, plain and simple. They had a pretty big day, it was night time and a good rest was needed. Except, they were all hiding behind a giant curtain, waiting to pull it back and laugh at poor Han's expense. I seem to remember a "don't act so surprised" coming from his wife, but I forget if that was a real memory or not. I think she did know either way though. It almost had a moment when Purple hyper-kamikazed into the mega-class Super Star Destroyer 'Supremacy' and the entire theater cheered, but then realization sunk in that this one maneuver completely trashed the Classic Trilogy, because all the Rebels would have had to do is grab some hyper-equipped small remote controlled transports, and hyper-kamikaze them into the bridge of Imperial-class Star Destroyers, and even Darth Vader's Executor, and Grand Moff Tarkin's Death Star, and they would have easily won the Galactic Civil War early on. Apparently energy shields meant nothing to Rian Johnson and his cohorts. Good thing we found out in Rise of Skywalker that the maneuver was "one shot in a million", not sure how that's the case either seeing as how they'd literally just pick a star that's behind the ship they'd want to hyper into and voila. Supremacy's shields were fully on, Purple's tactic of hypering into the ship should not have worked, it made no sense. If the shields had been disabled, then okay... but they weren't. 4.3 out of 10. Lmaoooooo. TLJ is the single worst piece of Star Wars ever created. View all replies >