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You're referring to Generation Z (1995 to 2010), essentially kids that grew up on the Star Wars Special Editions & Prequels. They'd be nuts if they didn't sequel it. Money talks and I'm sure Joaquin would be up for more. Every time Kate Beckinsale is on the screen. :) Only Ian McDiarmid can deliver a line like that in what should be the most serious moment of the entire saga. Yeah but some are saying Rian Johnson’s the Last Jedi is The Empire Strikes Back in reverse. Hardly original as well. Quite a surprise. There were a few decent moments in its original season, but it was a missed opportunity casting a bunch of unrealistic people to be earth's final hope, minus Sackhoff. His story was pathetic, and he wasn't even in an entire season, yet gets made king in the end. Good. There's no point to any prequel if it all just ends stupidly and out of character at the rushed Season 7 and the terrible Season 8. I was all for Robert's Rebellion prequel before and now it's like.... who actually cares after seeing Season 8? I wish so much that Supergirl took place in the already-established post-ten season Smallville Universe, and Supergirl was played by Laura Vandervoort. A massive opportunity missed by DC here. The problem is, they can't cross the dark space between galaxies, as there is a hidden forcefield surrounding the Star Wars galaxy, placed there eons ago by a prior advanced civilization from another galaxy. View all replies >