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Do you have any theories on how Captain America was able to return the Soul Stone? LOL. Pendejo Jerk-off is what she says, and she is referring to Lt. Gorman. It was the only way to bring back the trillions who were decimated galaxy wide. Snap was the least offensive of all other gestures. I'm just glad they filmed this in widescreen, in the early 90's--that's freaking unheard of. Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek Voyager all suffer from a Fullscreen 4:3 format, despite being filmed in that same era. Anyways, after like 7 years I'm finally rewatching Babylon 5 and wow, it's so much better the second time 'round. Yeah, that scene broke the immersion, you could actually hear the groans in my theater when they did that. When it's forced like that, it has no place in a movie. They could make an entire movie just having Cap returning the stones and it would make Marvel hundreds of millions. The Soul Stone returned to Vormir is definitely the one that Cap would not have been able to do. There is no indication at all that Red Skull would accept the returning of the stone, not to mention Cap encountering his old nemesis would result in an entire movie of events to occur on that planet alone. For all we know Red Skull's duty as the one who leads others to the Soul Stone would be over the moment that Hawkeye took the stone, and would be nowhere to be found. As a result, Vormir would be a lost cause and the Soul Stone unreturnable. Because lets face it, no one would sacrifice their love for the Soul Stone just to return it the moment it was taken. Star Trek Deep Space Nine did the same thing when the original Chief O'Brien died and was replaced by his future self. Star Trek Voyager did the same thing when the original Ensign Kim died and was replaced by his alternate self. It's so stupid when they do that, because the original characters are dead, and for some reason writers seem to think that alternate characters are the same characters, when they are not--they have an ENTIRELY different consciousness. Basically my only gripe about DS9/VOY, otherwise fantastic shows. 1, 3, 4, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 In Summary: 1-4 near perfection. 5-6 fantastic considering less George R R Martin material to work with 7 Rushed and unsatisfying for the most part 8 A near total disappointment save for the Roasting of King's Landing which I thought was absolutely fantastic. I think they should have made use of original Thanos more in Endgame, instead of lobbing off his head so quickly. View all replies >