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The Romulan Star Empire... Hey Janelle... Run away... Not too bad The Power to Save Padme Who put the Reactor Core in the Hangar Bay? Would have loved to see him in Star Trek Picard I would love to see someone edit the entire show... More like First new Half-Life title... View all posts >


Hi from the year 2020. They made Charlie's Angels 3 but didn't use the previous movie actors, and rebooted it. It failed horrendously. Less than mediocre quality and overly pushing an agenda, when all it had to do was follow the template already put forth in the previous 2 movies. That drive-thru scene was awesome. Agreed with all of that, all I can do is hope that George's final two books completely destroy what Dumb & Dumber were trying to do in Season 7 and 8: Completely illogical and out of character decisions made by key characters for the sake of shock value they couldn't do properly, and give us an actual, meaningful conclusion to this saga that has been kept unfinished by George for decades. I found it amazing all these years later that Amber was their tribes greatest threat, despite not having played Survivor in decades, and before the immunity idol crap. Even if Amber would have made the merge, there is NO WAY the other players would allow Boston Rob & Amber to go all the way to the end again. Some of these people are dumb but they're not Old Tom and Alicia and Jenna and Rupert and Shi-Ann dumb. Amber won Survivor All-Stars because of Chapera Steamrolling, Boston Rob, and Lex's stupid decision. Someone made a video posing this same debate: Indeed. I just found out about the replacement comic for Star Trek Picard, called: Star Trek Picard: Countdown. This takes place seemingly a year (or maybe a few months) before the supernova that destroys Romulus. The old comic, that Star Trek Online followed is from 2009 for the JJ Abrams movie, titled Star Trek Countdown. I prefer this one as it explains how Nero and Spock end up in the JJ Abrams Trek universe, while the new Countdown comic does no such thing, but at least it gives us more answers as to what Picard was doing after Star Trek Nemesis than the current series does, so far. Probably would have ended up being Jim's mom or a school teacher in American Pie (1999) had she kept filming movies. Yep, he and Olenna's actress are fantastic. Also some of the best parts about Seasons 1-4 were Charles Dance, taking up the helm of fantastic dialogue after the unexpected departure of Sean Bean. I certainly wish Eddard and Tywin had some dialogue together, would have been impressive. Him and Charles Dance could read the entire dictionary as a TV series and I'd watch it, lol. The best part about TNG, DS9, and VOY is they don't overdo hologram computer interfaces like they do in Discovery and now Picard. In Picard you got the guy flying around in the ship with a full on hologram interface, which is impractical and a confusing mess. View all replies >